AFA-CWAAssociation of Flight Attendants-Communication Workers of America (trade union)
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According to the NMB, IAM received 1,065 votes, while the AFA-CWA received 666 votes.
Turning flight attendants into walking billboards is unacceptable," said Deborah Crowley, AFA-CWA Spirit President.
AFA-CWA General Counsel David Borer said the union will appeal the ruling, which is "obviously an incorrect reading of the law.
Frontier's flight attendants are pleased to have reached this agreement with the Company's leadership on the framework of a collective bargaining agreement for our members," said AFA-CWA Master Executive Council President Erika Schweitzer.
Following the announcement of the acquisition by Southwest AirTran management approached AFA-CWA requesting a list of the flight attendants' greatest concerns to expedite negotiations upon presentation of the union's proposal the airline responded with a counter proposal consisting mostly of existing contract language and minimal pay increases according to the union.
Workers at United Airlines are united in our resolve to drive out those who have taken from our families, neglected our airline and lined their own pockets," stated Greg Davidowitch, AFA-CWA President at United.
The notion that executives are paid for performance, but continue to be richly rewarded when they fail shareholders, workers and passengers is absurd," stated Greg Davidowitch, AFA-CWA President at United.
The 14 AFA-CWA Local Council Presidents who form the Union's United Master Executive Council (MEC) re-elected Greg Davidowitch as President; Linda Farrow as Vice President; and, Jeff Heisey as Secretary-Treasurer.
For the first time, the more than 20,000 flight attendants at the merged carrier will have the opportunity to vote for AFA-CWA representation under new, more democratic rules, the union said.
Friend was appointed as international president of AFA-CWA in 1995 and will retire from the position on 31 December 2010.
AFA-CWA also announced the appointment of Sara Nelson as international vice president and the re-election of Kevin Creighan for a second term as international secretary-treasurer.
The measures included in the bill that the AFA-CWA supports feature: a follow-up on the results of the FAA flight attendant fatigue study; OSHA workplace safety and health protections; provisions for cabin air quality that would identify equipment and technology available to detect and filter highly toxic contaminants in the air supply; English language standards for flight attendants; and a programme called "Return to the Cabin" that would allow flight attendants opportunities for rehabilitation after testing positive for alcohol or drug abuse.