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AFAAAerobics and Fitness Association of America
AFAAAssociation Francaise d'Action Artistique (French: French Association for Artistic Action)
AFAAAir Force Audit Agency
AFAAAmerican Fighter Aces Association (Seattle, WA)
AFAAAutomatic Fire Alarm Association, Inc.
AFAAAnaphylaxis and Food Allergy Association of Minnesota
AFAAAssociation of Faculties of Agriculture in Africa
AFAAAustralian Floral Art Association Inc.
AFAAAtkinson Faculty Alumni Association
AFAAAutomated Functional Applications Analyst
AFAAAirman Apprentice, Aircraft Maintenanceman Striker (Naval rating)
AfaaAfghanistan Assistance Agency
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AFAA offers different types of audits to assist commanders in determining if their organizations are operating at optimal levels: general audits, implementation audits and follow-on audits.
Andrea holds multiple nationally recognized fitness certifications including ACE, AFAA, Schwinn, and Real Ryder International.
He added that the AFAA decided to re-form committees and draft a new strategy to control the work of AFAA.
An organization could recommend that the AFAA include a particular MEO in its review.
He provided the audience with an update on AFAA events, highlighting the fact that his civilian workforce is located in over 50 installations worldwide, and that they issue about 1100 audit reports annually.
She is also a certified Nia white- and green-belt instructor, as well as a certified AFAA Fitness Instructor.
AFAA certified fitness instructor, Pilates instructor of ten years' experience, and Maui resident Eva Bondar presents Maui Pilates: Abs Made Easy, a guide to low-impact Pilates stretches designed to redefine one's core, tone the body, and improve one's posture throughout the day.
He is responsible for all AFAA civilian personnel issues, training and professional development, financial management, information management, and recruiting and mentoring programs.
An AFAA audit of custodial services found "Personnel did not establish custodial standards.
While the AFAA was right to point out the "improper" disposition of these deposits, the error emphasized the more intuitive process would be for local bases to deposit such funds directly into their local K1/K2 accounts.
AFAA certified group fitness and Practical Pilates instructor Suzanne Bowen, a fitness professional of nearly 10 years' experience, cheerfully guides the viewer through the workout routine.
In February 1991, the AFAA released Project 0046411, which evaluated award-fee contracts at installations throughout the Air Force.