AFAACAir Force Air Armament Center (Eglin Air Force Base, FL, USA)
AFAACArmy Finance And Accounting Center
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Modification of mechanical properties like impact, adhesive, tensile, and flexural occurred by incorporation of AFAAC into epoxy resin.
This was because in two-step process, the reaction between AFAAC and epoxy was maximum, i.e., almost complete due to high temperature rather than one-step process.
To correlate the molecular and morphological parameters with the fracture properties of the toughened networks, the microstructure of the fracture surfaces for AFAAC modified networks were analyzed by SEM.
6E) of modified (10-phr of AFAAC) epoxy networks in one-step process shows larger particle than the micrograph (Fig.
Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of AFAAC Modified Epoxy Networks
The unmodified epoxy and AFAAC modified epoxy networks in the two-step process were subjected to DMA analysis.
The thermogravimetric (TG), differential thermogravimetric (DTG), and differential thermal analysis (DTA) diagram of AFAAC modified (12.5 phr) epoxy resin given in Figure 8.