AFABAssigned Female at Birth (gender identity)
AFABAll Fascists Are Bastards
AFABAnything for A Buck
AFABArmored Field Artillery Battalion (US Army)
AFABAsosiyasyon Fanm Ayisyen Nan Boston (Association of Haitian Women in Boston)
AFABArmy Families Advice Bureau (UK and Canada)
AFABAbsorbable Fibrin Adhesive Bandage
AFABAir Force Air Base
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The AFAB shall also have the authority to grant income tax holiday and net operating loss carry over.
Jill Butterworth, spokeswoman with the Massachusetts Attorney General's office, said a donor filed a complaint against AFAB Recycling in 2007 saying he was misled into thinking the donated clothes were going to a charitable organization.
Projected employment from AFAB and SBMA grew by 211.
AFAB will maximize usage of its Sewage Treatment Plant to preserve and maintain the quality of water being used by the locators and households within the freeport.
Since 2010, the administration has been working hard to bring more investors and big manufacturing corporations to the freeport, Custodio said, referring to the year when AFAB took operations of the freeport from then Bataan Export Processing Zone.
He said several shipping and cargo operators have an inkling that the AFAB location is comparable to the existing transhipment hub in South East Asian countries.
AFAB said there are 114 registered locators in the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB) as of December 2015.
Speaking during the AFAB Stakeholders and Locators Night at Camaya Coast, Garcia said: "We still have many challenges to face and I want to assure you (locators and the AFAB) that the province of Bataan will continue to work on solutions so that we can overcome any problems that we will encounter.
This project reaffirms our commitment to innovation and sustainable development in the FAB," AFAB Chairman Deogracias Custodio said.
More investments are expected this year, AFAB said in its report.
The P84 billion worth of investment commitments came from 17 new business projects, which included the establishment of business process outsourcing (BPO) facility and information technology related firms; a footwear manufacturing company; a distillery business; and a bulk terminal operation, among others, AFAB explained in a statement issued Thursday.
KCCP) and AFAB, was expected to strengthen cooperation with South Korea as it would help AFAB lure more Korean locators to the freeport.