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They included adhesins (papC, sfaDE, afaBC III, iha, fimH, and clpG), invasin (ibe10), elements involved in iron acquisition (iucD, irp2,andchuA), protectins (iss, traT, cvaC, kpsMT II, and kpsMT III), and toxins (ompT, ehxA, espP, hlyA,andcnf1).
Moreover, iucD, traT, papC, iha, afaBC III, and kpsMT III occurred in frequencies similar to those already reported for E.
As already reported by others (3,12), the present study detected many virulence factors that were positively associated with the phylogroups B2 (papC, sfaDE, irp2, kpsMT II, hlyA, ompT, and cnf1) and D (iha, afaBC III, iucD, kpsMT II, and kpsMT III).