AFACTAustralian Federation Against Copyright Theft (Mona Vale, NSW, Australia)
AFACTAmerican Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology
AFACTAction Figures and Collectible Toys
AFACTAnchorage Faith and Action Congregations Together (Alaska)
AFACTA Foundation for African Children Today (Los Angeles, CA)
AFACTAustralian Farm and Country Tourism Incorporated (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
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In 2008, a group of rBST-using farmers formed a group called American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology, or AFACT, with help from Monsanto.
But certain tour operators are trying very hard to make it afact of the past
From July 2008, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (1) issued weekly notices ("AFACT Notices") to iiNet alleging that infringements had occurred.
The consortium that had backed the case, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT), includes major international names such as Warner Bros, Disney, Paramount, Columbia and Twentieth Century Fox.
Draper, L7 Afact councillor chief Bradley would do well to remember before spouting off about cowsheds and Kirkby.
AFACT, for example, repeatedly cite a concern about camcording of films in cinemas: the government could have introduced a provision to make this act an offence (something even this enforcement-oriented piece of legislation notably failed to do).
Simply stating and restating a firmly held belief does not change this belief into afact. Risk assessments and case-control studies are important tools, but do not provide evidential proof, especially where there is significant and credible competing evidence.
AFACT has touted its success in the hardware and film areas, but less is documented about TV piracy.
``But the new Cardiff University is leaving, that's afact.
* Association of Fire and Casualty Companies in Texas (AFACT)