AFADAsian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances
AFADAir Force Acquisition Document
AFADAssociation of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers of the Philippines, Inc
AFADAssessment/Force Accounting Database
AFADAir Force Acquisition Directive
AFADAutomated Flagging Assistance Devices
AFADAutomated Fineline Assortment Distribution (WalMart Replenishment)
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A single point has been opened for displaced Syrians, so that we can do identity control and give first aid, vaccinating people if necessary," an AFAD official said, according to AFP.
It is for the second time anyone from AFAD has been stopped from entering India.
A total of 222 people were rescued after the first earthquake, AFAD said.
AFAD sought the intervention of international organizations as the puppet authorities had callously refused to constitute a commission to conduct probe into the custodial disappearances.
On these days, 279 Syrians entered Turkey, AFAD noted.
An AFAD card was found on his [the ISIL militant's] body.
The Turkish AFAD emergency agency chemical, radiology and nuclear team has begun investigations about the envelopes, the authorities said in a statement.
AFAD President Fuat Oktay said a team of specialists and other medical staff are also on duty 24/7 at the field hospitals based in the camps.
Sick refugees were taken to the shelters by the AFAD.
AFAD said 252 people have been pulled out alive from rubble.
The NASDAQ listing qualifications committee met on July 5, 1995 and determined that AFAD did not meet the bid price requirement, as set forth in Section 5(a) of Part III of Schedule D of the NASD by-laws.
According to a report in the BirgE-n daily on Wednesday, AFAD previously said that a total of TL 46.