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AFAKAs Far As I Know
AFAKAnkle First Aid Kit (Ryker Nylon Gear)
AFAKArmed Forces Assistance to Korea
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The pages cover the assassinations of 'Asma' and Abu 'Afak and the expulsion of the Qaynuqa' tribe.
"Stranger in Al-Nawfara Cafe" is on show at the temporary gallery Afak 7 in Saifi Village until June 29.
Afakik ve psodofakik gozler glokom gelisimi acisindan karsilastirildiginda, afak gozlerde daha fazla glokom gorulmesine ragmen aradaki fark istatistiksel olarak anlamli bulunmamistir.
patrolmen in Afak district, (30 km) east of Diwaniya, injured a man and a woman local residents of Missan province who were going on foot to Karbala to perform the rituals of Imam Hussein bin Ali's Arbaeen pilgrimage," the source told Aswat al-Iraq.
AFAK custom-designed the system for Sevrybholodflot, and cites the retrofit as an example of its specialist expertise in the design, engineering and installation of complete fish handling systems for large trawlers and factory ships as well as small cutters.
(TAP) - The resignation of the election body's President along with two members could impact the date of municipal elections, said Minister of Local Affairs and Environment and President of Afak Tounes national council Riadh Mouakher.
Pour la presidente de l'association Mawahib wa Afak, Nacera Douaghi, la manifestation etait surtout dediee a la jeunesse pour sa fete nationale qui coincide avec l'independance du pays pour leur rappeler l'authenticite du patrimoine national.
Summary: The "AFAK" exhibition series has become a defining feature of Saifi's Maqam Art Gallery.
Mikrosferofakili olgu, GIL dislokasyonu olan uc olgu ve vitreusa dusen nukleer materyel nedeniyle afak kalan iki olguya ayni seansda pars plana vitrektomi (PPV) de uygulandi.
Hakim, during a meeting with head of the Armenian Orthodox Archbishop, Afak Asadourean stressed "the importance of political and security steps escort victories achieved by the Iraqis against Daesh, stressing that the battle of Mosul will see another victory for Iraqis and the end of Daesh." Hakim stressed the need that the religious and social personalities should have active role in the post-liberalization of Mosul and contribute in achieving civil peace among our people and overcome Daesh criminal gangs.