AFANAAustralian Football Association of North America
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Tambien la voluntad, junto con el deseo y el impulso, se afana por conducirnos hacia una dicha mas plena y completa en prevision de un proyecto global, constructivo y prenado de sentido.
Current bestseller: Browsing through the website, Asikere Afana with the Zhana Dashiki Dress and Rahyma's Rose Dashiki Dress come up as the most popular items.
Purplepass executive Gabriel Afana stated: “The 2014 Mardi Gras event in Port Arthur was highly successful, and taught us a lot about events of this caliber.
The southern district attorney has submitted an indictment at the Be'er Sheva regional court against Ramzi Afana, a Hamas terrorist who served on Hamas's police force in Gaza, took part in military training for the organization and conducted security crimes against Israel.
as taboo in Yemeni) or (Jozam and saratan as aversive words in Persian)translated from (Wa eleyathu be allah(God's protection is sought), horem waladi (may God protect my child), Afana Allah (may God cure us all), Moghawareen be Allah (we are in God's affinity) euphemized by minimizers in Yemeni speech) to (Khoda nasib nakoneh, nasib nasheh, Door az jan, Khoda hameye marizha ra shafa bedeh, Panah mibarim be khoda, ghoran mohafezat koneh that euphemized by minimizers and circumlocution in Persian).