AFAPArmy Family Action Plan
AFAPAttenuated Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (clinical syndrome)
AFAPAustralian Federation of Air Pilots
AFAPAs Fast As Possible
AFAPAs Far As Possible (chat)
AFAPAustralian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific
AFAPArthritis Foundation Aquatic Program
AFAPActin Filament Associated Protein
AFAPArmy Family Advocacy Program
AFAPArtillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
AFAPAs Frequently as Possible
AFAPArmed Fly Along Probe
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Nasir claimed his signature had been forged in that letter in which he declared that he 'authorised PFF to retain' his AFAP salary for 'the development of football based upon transparent financial policy'.
The conference marks the second in the continuing collaboration between CRU Events and AFAP.
The committee recommended to the AFC Executive Committee the inclusion of National Association of Brunei Darussalam in the programme, amendment to allocation under AFAP grant and amendments to the AFAP regulations.
7% of the patients with an APC mutation in the three regions related to AFAP were aged 40 and over, while 57.
Other examples of colorectal cancer predisposition syndromes are FAP, AFAP and MYH-associated polyposis.
No gross rearrangements were detected in the 32 AFAP mutation-negative families.
Finalmente, el relevante papel desempenado por las asociaciones sectoriales locales existentes (AEMSYC, AFAP, ASPROFA,.
The AFAP models are also designed to replace rain caps, dust bowls or aspirated precleaners on off-road equipment and are mounted on, or connected to the engine's air filter intake.
TABLE 4 Characteristics of Pension Fund Management Firms Number of Allowable Funds Country Name Companies per Company Mandatory Individual Accounts Chile AFP 8 Two Bolivia AFP 2 One El Salvador AFP 5 One Mexico AFORE 13 One(a) Mixed Systems Argentina AFJP 13 One Uruguay AFAP 6 One Colombia AFP 8 Multiple Peru AFP 5 One Allowable Minimum Rate Country Transfers per Year of Return Mandatory Individual Accounts Chile Twice Yes Bolivia Once Yes El Salvador Every 1.
Tercer Nivel: tambien de cuentas individuales pero de ahorro voluntario --no obligatorio-- para los trabajadores que perciban salarios superiores a los 15 mil pesos, siendo igualmente administradas por las AFAP.
Thus, a public AFAP that earns less than 2 percent during a given year would require a government transfer to make up the difference.
566 276 Cantidad de fondos 5 5 17 6 Afiliados (en millones) 1,8 0,3 12,7 0,5 Activos/PIB (%) 2,6 0,02 0,8 0,8 NOTAS: OP = Opcional O = Obligatorio FUENTES: Superintendencias de Fondos de Pensiones de los paises, CONSAR, ABRAPP, Republica AFAP, Superintendencia Bancaria de Colombia, Salomon Smith Barney, Latin Trade.