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AFARSArmy Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
AFARSAutomated Federal Aviation Regulations Subsystem
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140-164) And you, O lord Apollo, god of the silver bow, shooting afar, now walked on craggy Cynthus, and now kept wandering about the island and the people in them.
239-243) Further yet you went, O far-shooting Apollo, and reached next Cephissus' sweet stream which pours forth its sweet- flowing water from Lilaea, and crossing over it, O worker from afar, you passed many-towered Ocalea and reached grassy Haliartus.
But when Telphusa saw this, she was angry in heart and spoke, saying: `Lord Phoebus, worker from afar, I will speak a word of counsel to your heart, since you are minded to make here a glorious temple to be an oracle for men who will always bring hither perfect hecatombs for you; yet I will speak out, and do you lay up my words in your heart.
Whosoever met the dragoness, the day of doom would sweep him away, until the lord Apollo, who deals death from afar, shot a strong arrow at her.
Now happiest, loveliest in yon lovely Earth, Whence sprang the "Idea of Beauty" into birth,(Falling in wreaths thro' many a startled star, Like woman's hair 'mid pearls, until, afar, It lit on hills Achaian, and there dwelt) She look'd into Infinity - and knelt.
Spirits in wing, and angels to the view, A thousand seraphs burst th' Empyrean thro', Young dreams still hovering on their drowsy flight - Seraphs in all but "Knowledge," the keen light That fell, refracted, thro' thy bounds, afar O Death !
He tilted his head afar back and held the canteen long to his lips.
Not only does she maliciously depress me by walking past on ordinary days, but I have discovered that every Thursday from two to three she stands afar off, gazing hopelessly at the romantic post-office where she and he shall meet no more.
The ethnic minority Red Sea Afars say they are the victim of human rights abuses and politically motivated persecution by the regime in Asmera as well as by the Foreign States and Multinational foreign Corporations.
October 15, 2016 (ADDIS ABABA) -- An Eritrean opposition group on Friday alleged that scores of Ethnic Afar Eritrean civilians in small vessels have been Killed by Saudi-led coalition off the Coast of Yemen.
Ibrahim said President Afeworki's denial over the food crises is a system the government is deliberately using to block aid to the region and punish the Afars by starving them to death.
By Tesfa-Alem Tekle October 23, 2010 (MEKELLE, Ethiopia) -- Ethiopia-based Eritrean opposition group, the Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) denied they had any intention to secede from the Red Sea nation despite statements released this week reaffirming its attachment to the principle of self-determination In a press release issued on Thursday RSADO said that it would 'not compromise on its principles for self determination in Eritrea with anyone whether those opposed to regime in Asmara or Eritrean Regime itself.' 'There will not be a unified Eritrea, unless the right for self-rule is constitutionally guaranteed for Red Sea Afar and rest of nationalities in Eritrea.