AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (US Army)
AFATDSArmy Field Artillery Tactical Data System (US Army)
AFATDSAir Force Airborne Tactical Data System (USAF)
AFATDSAdvanced Field Artillery Target Designation System (US Army)
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The AFATDS quickly returned an error saying that it cannot send graphics to an MCS machine.
They are designed to be quickly integrated with AFATDS computer systems based on user requirements," said George Brady, a mechanical engineer in the depot's Production Engineering Directorate.
Approximately halfway through the rotation, 52 ID (NTC HICON) directed personnel operating AFATDS to switch from the Publish and Subscribe Server to the Division Data Distribution Service to facilitate transmission of 52 ID graphics between Brigade and Division AFATDS.
A similar approach is adopted by ADS, now Thales South Africa, for their AS 4000 equivalent to AFATDS.
The AVIATION WEEK award is a testament to the incredible capability AFATDS brings to the men and women serving our great country," said Steve Bohan, AFATDS program manager.
As the primary fire support system supporting Army battle command, AFATDS provides expert operators and commanders with situational awareness, battle management, target analysis, and target engagement tools.
The intelligence section mainly uses its AFATDS to process counterfire missions.
AFATDS provides fully automated support for planning, coordinating, controlling, and supporting fire.
Under the so-called FIOP program (family of interoperable operational pictures), JFCOM was directed to incorporate the JTSTM into current systems, such as the Army's AFATDS fire-control system and the Naval Fire Control System.
based on the AFATDS display, which immediately causes the brigade staff to execute its Indirect Fire Battle Drill.
By linking the AFATDS with the Air Force war-planning command and control system (called the Theater Battle Management Core System), the services can automatically de-conflict their fire missions, said Steve Bohan, technical director for AFATDS.
The Digital Fire Control System provides a range of enhanced capabilities -- position navigation and location, gun pointing, information display, and digital integration with the AFATDS artillery fire control system.