AFBFAmerican Farm Bureau Federation (Farm Bureau)
AFBFAmerican Folk Blues Festival (est. 1962)
AFBFAir Force Band of Flight (US Air Force)
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AFBF looks forward to working with the new Congress and the Trump administration to enact legislation that eases farm families' tax burden.
While crude oil shipments remain a small fraction of railroad freight, AFBF claims it receives higher priority.
We know that between five and nine billion dollars of production per year is dependent on our significant illegal workforce," said AFBF President Stallman.
Yet the AFBF does support farmers' markets and organic farming, says Smith: "Our farmers respond to where the demand is.
In addition, Stallman asked Ross to inform AFBF of the "potential challenges as you consider this or any other proposed agribusiness merger or acquisition.
John Hansen, president of the Nebraska Farmers Union, charges that AFBF policies are dictated from the Washington headquarters.
Joe Miller, a regulatory specialist for livestock for the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFEF), says that the AFBF has been advising farmers to keep track of who is on their property.
Shortly after AFBF was formed in 1919, it established a cooperative marketing department and later assisted in creating the national enabling legislation (CMA), Newpher said.
For example, the AFBF survey found that only 19 percent agree that farm chemicals should continue to be used at current levels, while 66 percent agree that farmers should limit the amount of chemicals they use, and 15 percent agree that the use of farm chemicals should be banned (Porter/Novelli 1990).
And I think conservation will be a part of the discussion as we go forward with AFBF as well.
Representing nearly every part of the agricultural economy, the AFBF can share important information with us as we continue our work on the 2018 Farm Bill.
The AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers program has the goal to help this generation succeed in their agricultural pursuits.