AFBIAgri-Food and Biosciences Institute (UK)
AFBIAmerican Farm Bureau Inc. (American Farm Bureau Federation; Washington, DC)
AFBIAgence France Bourgogne Immobilier (French: France Burgundy Real Estate Agency)
AFBIAcute Food Bolus Impaction
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AFBI Chair, Colm McKenna, commented: I am delighted to welcome Kate and Roberta to the Board.
AFBI plans to use the system initially for shellfish toxin analysis--specifically, algal toxins.
AFBI (Barbados) planned a similar event for World AIDS Day 2007 where 40 business leaders were publicly tested.
8220;The partnership with AFBI in staging the 2nd Philippine National Barista Championship is a realization to our goal that local Baristas will no longer be seen as just people behind the counter, but as professionals with refined skills in a culinary art,” adds Mr.
The hardness of the wheat samples was firstly measured using NIRS to predict a single kernel characterization system (SKCS) (Harper Adams University) and then repeated at AFBI, Hillsborough using a more recent version of the equation obtained from Campden Chorleywood Food Research Association (CCFRA, Gloucestershire).
And although AFBI, the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute, an arm of the Department of Agriculture and Regional Development, has a duty to provide ministers with unbiased and objective guidance on the submission, it also allowed the firm to sponsor an AFBI conference in October 2008.
AFBI has been trialling crops under plastic since 2001 and found clear cost-effectivenesss in terms of yields and maize quality.
AFBI (Barbados) also operated a membership-based model, but found that companies often engaged at the lowest level both financially and in terms of taking action.
AFBI and its Project partner Inland Fisheries Ireland are currently seeking to purchase Acoustic receivers for underwater deployment and matching acoustic transmitting tags for insertion into salmon and sea trout.
AFBI aims to position itself as the primary advocate and spokesperson of the Filipino Barista community and aims to create a community of Filipino Baristas as ambassadors of coffee quality and craftsmanship.
For example, AFBI (Barbados) and CECI (Cote d'Ivoire) both offer the private sector an opportunity to shape the coalition by becoming board members and subsequently key decision makers in determining the direction and future of the coalition.
AFBI) possible,” notes Juan Carlos Martinez, current President of AFBI, licensed national body of World Coffee Events to the Philippines.