AFBIAgri-Food and Biosciences Institute (UK)
AFBIAmerican Farm Bureau Inc. (American Farm Bureau Federation; Washington, DC)
AFBIAgence France Bourgogne Immobilier (French: France Burgundy Real Estate Agency)
AFBIAcute Food Bolus Impaction
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We are fortunate in the UK to have a surveillance facility like AFBI that can carry out quick and effective testing and continuous monitoring for disease risks.
For example, AFBI (Barbados) organized a public testing event for 40 business leaders.
The author would like to acknowledge the main sponsors of this work, HortLINK, Defra, HDC and industry partners, and the significant input of other researchers in this work, particularly Phil Hobbs of IGER, Okehampton and Mairead Kilpatrick, Gary Lyons and Shekar Sharma AFBI, Co.
Ellsworth AFBI S.D., ACC, DSN 675-1110, commercial (605) 385-1000.
The report, carried out by the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute (AFBI) in Dublin in conjunction with the University of Missouri, looked at the impact of three different post-Brexit trade scenarios on agriculture in Wales and the rest of the UK.
At a seminar in Flintshire next week, Northern Ireland dairy specialist Dr Andrew Dale, of AFBI, will explain how to optimise concentrate feeding during the grazing period to keep feed costs low.
Prof Alistair McCracken, a plant pathologist with AFBI, told the BBC: "This is a serious disease.
Another novel project is the African Fundamental Bond Index (AFBI), which is a ranking of African local currency bond markets.
(AFBI) in bringing the Inaugural Philippine National Latte Art Championship to the local coffee industry,” says Desmond Chua, President of Goldbell Philippines Impex Corporation.
For the second method, the SKCS NIRS equation, which was developed at CCFRA, was skewed and biased in order to predict samples scanned at AFBI. However, we cannot be certain that the results obtained from the adjusted SKCS equation are correct as the H value (Mahalabonis distance) is not affected by skewing and biasing, only the predicted results.