AFCAAAir Force Cost Analysis Agency
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At the operational level, AFCAA recently assisted Air Mobility Command in analyzing the Airlift Readiness Account (ARA) which is tied to maintaining war-ready airlift capability for US armed forces.
In the latest study, AFCAA assisted DCMA by analyzing a defense contractor's business base projections.
Users of AFCAA's AFTOC system who question the difference between AFTOC and AFCAP will be happy to know that AFCAP is a Microsoft[R] Excel "shell" of a Microsoft[R] Access database.
As the source for all USAF total ownership costs, AFCAA bears the burden and the challenge of pulling information on time and in its entirety and ensuring that the data are credible within the AFCAP tool, Databases are updated regularly (for example, daily, monthly, or quarterly).
While still considered a beta product, the AFCAA is working with the Air Force total ownership cost program team (VAMOSC for other services) to develop an alternative delivery method for AFCAP that better serves customers, reduces e-mail traffic, and provides user trace-ability for future updates.
For more information about AFCAP, contact AFCAA/FMFF at
The AFCAA Aircraft Division developed collaborative cost estimates with ASC for the B-2 Extremely High Frequency (EHF) program and the C-5 Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining Program (RERP).
In a similar fashion, the AFCAA Space Division worked closely with the MILSATCOM program office and SMC/FM to develop a joint independent cost and schedule estimate for the USAF multi-billion dollar Transformational Communications Satellite (TSAT) development and acquisition.
AFCAA is already engaged in at least 10 major collaborative cost estimates in support of the FY10 Program Objective Memorandum.
Across each of the divisions of AFCAA are a myriad of interesting projects, just a few of which are mentioned above.
Prior to my time at the NRO, I worked for the Department of the Air Force, serving in various positions in the Cost Directorate, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary (Cost and Economics), SAF/FMCC, and the Air Force Cost Analysis Agency (AFCAA).
Representatives from SAF/FMC and AFCAA currently lead three FM transformation initiatives: Reengineering Acquisition Decision Support, Expanding Activity Based Costing within the Air Force, and Reengineering Analytical Education and Training.