AFCAPAir Force Contract Augmentation Program (USAF)
AFCAPArmed Forces Contract Augmentation Program (US DoD)
AFCAPAir Force Capability Assessment Program
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The task order, awarded under the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program IV or AFCAP IV, includes a base year and three years of potential option periods.
AFCAP is a 10-year indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contract to provide worldwide base-operating support and temporary construction capabilities for U.
Initially, AFCAP began as a five-year, $475 million program; now it is a 10-year, $10 billion program.
Developed in 2006, AFCAP is a summary tool driven by Microsoft[R] Excel pivot tables (interactive tables that gather, organize, and summarize data).
LOGCAP, AFCAP, and CONCAP support joint US operations around the world, freeing military forces for those activities that actually require uniformed personnel.
AFCAP is a contingency support contract the Air Force developed to relieve or augment military operations in small-scale contingencies.
These revenue gains were partially offset by completion of certain task orders under the AFCAP and Worldwide Personal Protection Services ("WPPS") programs and lower volume under the International Civilian Police Program ("CivPol") in Iraq.
We now have a total of seven wins under AFCAP IV this year, said Tim Gahr, AFCAP program manager.
Also, AFCAP IV task orders will provide base life support services, engineering and logistics support to the Air Force and other Department of Defence and US federal agencies, globally.
74] The use of omnibus deployment support contracts such as LOGCAP and AFCAP may be able to mitigate many of the concerns cited regarding the need to coordinate, harmonize, and integrate contractor activities, as the theater commander has one point of contact.
As stated previously, the GAO report highlighted that the services provided under the LOGCAP, AFCAP, and CONCAP contracts were similar in nature and that it might be more "effective and efficient" if one service acted as the lead executive agent during contingency operations.
20) GAO has conducted many studies of Iraq contracting, including four studies of logistical support contracts: LOGCAP, the Balkan Support Contracts, AFCAP, and the Navy's CONCAP.