AFCCAAir Force Court of Criminal Appeals
AFCCAAlaska Family Child Care Association (est. 1983)
AFCCAAustralian Federation of Child Care Associations (now Childcare Associations Australia)
AFCCAAir Force Center for Cost Analysis
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Rather than rely on Morse, the AFCCA used the fact-specific analysis applied in Phillips to determine whether jurisdiction under Article 2(c) was triggered.
adding in a footnote that AFCCA could also make a determination on
Practitioners should note that the AFCCA correctly ruled that defense
AFCCA found the sentence inappropriately severe in eleven cases
58) As discussed previously, this line of authority is consistent with the approach taken by the AFCCA in the Davis case.
123) Even though Moore's uncharged drug use was very close in time to his charged offenses, the AFCCA found it simply did not meet the heightened relevance requirement under RCM 1001(b)(4).
Although the CAAF did not affirm this lesser included offense because the AFCCA did not assess its legal and factual sufficiency, the CAAF provided the lower courts with the necessary groundwork.
Meanwhile, in Taylor, the AFCCA had no difficulty upholding the absence of comments from the SJA about the RTDP.
The trial court and AFCCA were unsympathetic to SSgt Wallace's motion to suppress evidence which was "obtained from the search of [Wallace's] computer on the theory that [Wallace] involuntarily consented in the first place or, alternatively, revoked consent when he told agents not to take the computer.
Both the AFCCA and CAAF agreed with the military judge's ruling.