AFCEEAir Force Center for Environmental Excellence
AFCEEAir Force Center for Engineering and the Environment
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AFCEE also operates remote facilities in Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco.
If AFCEE rejected the proposal, it was authorized to accept a cost proposal from the next lowest bidder.
Kenneth Rogers, also of AFCEE, explained the benefits of a new computer program called "GEOBASE," which takes existing geospatial data and displays the information in a more user-friendly manner.
24) HQ AFCEE, Design and Construction Directorate, Housing Privatization Division (HQ AFCEE/DCP), United States Air Force Housing Privatization), at http://www.
Since 1994, Versar has held eight AFCEE ID/IQ contracts and completed more than 230 individual task orders, spanning installations in Europe, the Middle East, Pacific, and the continental U.
Recent Projects: Has provided legally defensible data for over 37 years in Alaska for projects in programs such as ADEC/UST & DW, USACOE, Brooks, Navy and AFCEE.
Versar has been providing construction management and quality assurance work for AFCEE in Afghanistan since 2006.
AFCEE is analogous to the Army Corps of Engineers in that it is a DoD organization chartered to provide advisory and assistance services on a reimbursable basis, in AFCEE's case to Air Force organizations concerning a number of environmental, utility and housing privatization issues.
According to Erica Becvar, head of the AFCEE Technology Transfer Outreach, "The SRT helps optimize existing remediation technologies by providing a highly effective tool for comparing remediation approaches based on sustainability metrics.
Recent Projects: Corps of Engineers total environmental restoration contract, AFCEE remedial action contract
The company received the AFCEE contract award in the Fall of 1994.
AFCEE awarded ten contracts to small businesses worth up to $350 million over a 5-year ordering period.