AFCESAAir Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (US DoD)
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According to AFCESA program management and contracting staff, the worldwide management plan is very flexible and affords the Air Force great versatility at a tremendous cost savings.
The AFCAP contract was developed by AFCESA to support Air Force customer requirements worldwide.
If hostile activities should emerge, RMS and AFCESA would determine the appropriate time to disengage contractor forces.
The Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) performed pavement evaluation studies at each airfield.
(31.) AFCESA, "AFCAP Lessons Learned from Hurricane Georges Recovery," talking paper.
A team from the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (AFCESA) conducted initial assessments of the airfields at Kandahar and Baghram.
Had the AFCESA reports been available to Army engineer units before they deployed, the information would have helped the units prepare for their repair and maintenance missions.
Hazmat awareness training can be accessed at <https:--> and completed by students prior to attending Phase II.