AFCESAAir Force Civil Engineer Support Agency (US DoD)
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According to AFCESA program management and contracting staff, the worldwide management plan is very flexible and affords the Air Force great versatility at a tremendous cost savings.
The AFCAP contract was developed by AFCESA to support Air Force customer requirements worldwide.
If hostile activities should emerge, RMS and AFCESA would determine the appropriate time to disengage contractor forces.
Follow-on Orders for HazMatIDs and APD2000s which Enable AFCESA Teams to Identify Potential Hazardous Materials at Air Force Facilities Worldwide
The SATOC contracts represent the next major series of contract vehicles that the AFCESA will use to meet the long-term requirements of the Air Force, the Department of Defense (DoD), and other federal agencies.
Shukla, President of ITSI, commented that he is, "Pleased that the AFCESA has selected ITSI for award of a Full and Open contract to support the Air Force in their SRM requirements.
Under the five year contract, RRC will operate and maintain automation efforts in support of the AFCESA mission and maintain and update AFCESA Public, Military Restricted, Classified, and Intranet websites.
I am excited about this contract--we support the mission of a new customer, AFCESA, at a new location for the company, Tyndall Air Force Base," commented Al Lane, RRC President.
RRC personnel at Tyndall AFB will also interface with the 325th Communications Squadron to support the AFCESA portion of the base internet and Travis AFB Civil Engineering, Maintenance and Inspection Repair Team (CEMIRT).
The IHS solution provides desktop access to building codes, a wide range of industry standards, and manufacturers' catalogs via the Internet to select NAVFAC, USACE, and AFCESA engineering locations worldwide.
David Curfman, Director, Engineering Innovation and Criteria Office, NAVFAC, spearheaded this joint effort and was instrumental in gaining the cooperation and commitment of the Chief Engineers of NAVFAC, USACE, and AFCESA.