AFCIArc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCIAdvanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (US Department of Energy)
AFCIAssociation of Film Commissioners International
AFCIAmbassadors for Christ International (Atlanta, GA)
AFCIAcupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (Institut de la Fondation d'Acupuncture du Canada)
AFCIAdvanced Fibre Communications, Inc
AFCIAssociate of the Faculty of Commerce and Industry Ltd. (UK)
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Thanks, and I am passing it along, hoping the reader with the problem AFCI sees this and will have his or her licensed electrician look into this.
Bentek's newest product merges ground mount, utility-grade PV equipment with AFCI technology to provide a robust and user-friendly platform suitable for large-scale deployment.
If you are a film commissioner that wants to enhance the production capacity of your city, you travel to Hollywood for the AFCI, which is also where producers shop for connections to 'local Hollywoods'.
Still, WCS appears to be in the lead, as New Mexico's Democratic senators have voiced opposition to the project in the Land of Enchantment, and residents living near the site of AFCI Texas' proposed project have voiced concerns about the project.
According to the company, this amendment of its US and Canadian securitization facilities is good for its dealer customers as it significantly strengthens AFC's and AFCI's position as a premier floorplan funding source throughout the US and Canada.
Although there are some commercial AFCI products in market, but most of them could not response accurately with series arc faults.
The SmartlockPro OBC AFCI Receptacle is designed to detect a range of arcing electrical faults to help decrease the likelihood of the electrical system being an ignition source of a fire.
GNEP's domestic activities largely consisted of DOE's Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI), a program that began in 2003 to develop and demonstrate spent fuel reprocessing/recycling technology.
The Bush administration took an important first step toward creating such a program in 2003 with enactment of the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI), a DOE project to develop techniques that reduce the volume and heat generated by fuel waste.
It will take centre stage at the AFCI Locations Expo, a trade show held to encourage American studio bosses to come to the UK to make movies.
DOE has launched a pair of efforts--the Generation IV Program and the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI)--to carry out the RD & D to realize those four opportunities while achieving economic competitiveness, high standards of safety and proliferation resistance, and effective waste management.