AFCIAmbassadors for Christ International (Atlanta, GA)
AFCIAssociation of Film Commissioners International
AFCIAcupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (Institut de la Fondation d'Acupuncture du Canada)
AFCIAdvanced Fibre Communications, Inc
AFCIArc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCIAdvanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (US Department of Energy)
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AFCI circuit breakers detect brief, extremely hot electrical spurts called arc faults that are common causes of fire and that are not detected by ordinary circuit breakers.
Click the following link to see the Weekly Chart of AFCI since March 2001 with 10-Week and 20-Week Moving Averages: http://www.
AFCIs, which can be used on most 15A or 20A circuits in the home, fit into a home's load center and should be installed by a qualified electrician.
Vermont has expanded upon the requirements of the NEC by mandating AFCI protection for all residential living areas in addition to bedrooms.
The Cutler-Hammer Fire-Guard AFCI combines arc-fault technology with conventional thermal-magnetic circuit protection, providing increased protection for the electrical system.
Leviton SmartlockPro AFCI products feature Leviton's patented reset/lockout technology which automatically tests the AFCI every time the RESET button is pushed.
Sara Fernandez, who presents the class and is an AFCI board member, explains the organization's rationale behind the class.
Lawrence Brownell, executive director of the Redondo Beach-based AFCI, put his own positive spin on the situation, suggesting that all of those visitors will include potential customers for L.
It will take centre stage at the AFCI Locations Expo, a trade show held to encourage American studio bosses to come to the UK to make movies.
LOS ANGELES -- Variety is pleased to announce that Milt Barlow, Co-Founder and CEO of China Lion Film Distribution, will be featured in a Keynote Conversation at its BRIC Summit on June 15, held in association with the AFCI Locations Show, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
The AFCI is designed to detect a wide range of dangerous arcing electrical faults and, when detected, functions by interrupting power to help prevent arc-faults from igniting a fire.
The AFCI trade show wraps Sunday at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.