AFCIAmbassadors for Christ International (Atlanta, GA)
AFCIAssociation of Film Commissioners International
AFCIAcupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (Institut de la Fondation d'Acupuncture du Canada)
AFCIAdvanced Fibre Communications, Inc
AFCIArc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCIAdvanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (US Department of Energy)
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But when wiring GFCI and AFCI receptacles, only the ground wires can be hooked up with pigtails; otherwise the outlets downstream will not be protected (Photo 9).
Still, WCS appears to be in the lead, as New Mexico's Democratic senators have voiced opposition to the project in the Land of Enchantment, and residents living near the site of AFCI Texas' proposed project have voiced concerns about the project.
Although there are some commercial AFCI products in market, but most of them could not response accurately with series arc faults.
We have producers from Bollywood and Europe coming to the show, and they're going to be seeing the California groups," said Brownell, who joined AFCI Feb.
Comprised of more than 300 film commissions from around the world, the AFCI is a non-profit educational association whose members serve as city, county, state, regional, provincial or national film commissioners for their respective governmental jurisdictions.
Representatives of AFCI Texas, LLC will return to Van Horn to continue the discussion, and to answer questions pertaining to the proposed project.
Tourism is the gift that keeps on giving," says Gregg Anderson, general manager for the Americas and Europe at Tourism New Zealand, who will be on a film tourism panel at the AFCI Locations Show this month.
Developed by AFCI, the class seeks to educate and inform parents of LGBT children about the science behind gender identity and sexual orientation.
This agreement was signed by AFCI, KAR Auction Services Inc and a Canadian multi-seller conduit administered by an affiliate of a Canadian bank.
But the AFCI trade show isn't all about runaway production - at least, not if more than a dozen California commissions attending the event can help it.
These LDOs are ideal for electronic circuits, such as in GFCI and AFCI circuit-breaker designs, and in the automotive, medical and consumer electronics markets, such as in automotive power adapters, cell phones and medical devices.