AFCMAlternate Fuel Control Module
AFCMAssociate, Faculty of Church Music
AFCMAmericans for Free Choice in Medicine (Newport Beach, California)
AFCMAmerica First Capital Management (Roseville, CA)
AFCMAir Force Commendation Medal
AFCMMaster Chief Aircraft Maintenanceman (Naval rating)
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2 presents numerical solution in x-t domain obtained with space-time AFCM using [Fup.
In contrast to the classical time stepping schemes where globally accumulated error can arise and is not easy to adapt to multiple time stepping, the space-time AFCM provides all space and time multiple scales and the global error is controlled in time by a priori threshold.
The AFCM MI285 camera module is manufactured by one of Varioptic leading Asian partners, and the Arctic 416 lenses are manufactured in Wuxi (China) by Creative Sensor Inc.
Our AFCM MI285 is a stepping stone to the first camera phone using a liquid lens.
AFCM McGary is the maintenance master chief of AIMD, USS Harry S.