AFCNAAlpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (Decatur, TN)
AFCNAAustralian Faith Community Nurses Association (est. 1996)
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The model that AFCNA promotes facilitates the establishment of trusting and understanding relationships between clients and case manager/care coordinator and other health ministry volunteers.
These managers had a ready supply of stylish consumer apparel products they wanted to sell to AFCNA.
AFCNA developed into a cooperative that combines a purchasing function with marketing.
For alpaca owners and breeders who might feel that a retail store would offer them some additional earnings potential, AFCNA has developed an innovative service, the alpaca products station (informally called the "store in-a-box").
AFCNA is pursuing many product processing and marketing initiatives.
By 2001, AFCNA began to break even and in 2002 had positive net income while eliminating carryover losses from 2000.