AFCNAAlpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America (Decatur, TN)
AFCNAAustralian Faith Community Nurses Association (est. 1996)
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Although it wasn't for sale, the warehouseman contacted the AFCNA board about receiving some bid prices from these buyers.
The four in favor of a sale resigned from the board, including the president of AFCNA. The entire Canadian membership and several U.S.-based members also quit the cooperative.
These managers had a ready supply of stylish consumer apparel products they wanted to sell to AFCNA. Though not products made from the members' fiber supply, this was the beginning of a rewarding business relationship.
AFCNA developed into a cooperative that combines a purchasing function with marketing.
For alpaca owners and breeders who might feel that a retail store would offer them some additional earnings potential, AFCNA has developed an innovative service, the alpaca products station (informally called the "store in-a-box").
AFCNA is pursuing many product processing and marketing initiatives.
The start-up of many cooperatives is often challenging, and AFCNA's history is no exception.
By 2001, AFCNA began to break even and in 2002 had positive net income while eliminating carryover losses from 2000.
Two years earlier it looked like AFCNA was in decline.