AFCOSAmerican Federation of Clinical Oncologic Societies
AFCOSAir Force Combat Operations Staff
AFCOSArmed Forces Courier Service
AFCOSAutomated Fund Control Order System
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AFCOS assists and carries out the overall coordination of operational cooperation between OLAF and the national competent authorities in the field of anti-fraud activities.
In December, AFCOS received an official request to send detailed information on the case and copies of the documents related to it.
He underscored that such investigations were to be conducted by the competent authorities of a country, and AFCOS in Bulgaria's case.
Naydenov noted that he had been assured by AFCOS head Commissar Sonya Klisarska that he was not being investigated.
Bulgaria's Interior Ministry informs that the correspondence between OLAF and AFCOS does not mention an investigation against Agriculture Minister Miroslav Naydenov.
He also told journalists that there was intense correspondence between the Agriculture Ministry and OLAF's partner in Bulgaria, AFCOS, on a number of tip-offs, adding that this was normal practice.
The AFCOS Directorate (Coordination of the fight against infringements affecting the financial interests of the EU) Directorate at Bulgaria's Interior Ministry is a partner of OLAF.
She informed that AFCOS was conducting 6 administrative investigations, 5 of which based on signals and one on a request of OLAF.
The letter also notes the contribution of the Bulgarian PM Borisov for the good cooperation between OLAF and AFCOS.