AFCPAssociation of Free Community Papers
AFCPAmbassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation (US government)
AFCPAssociation Francophone de la Communication Parlée (French: Francophone Association of Speech Communication)
AFCPAssociation Française de Chirurgie du Pied
AFCPAvesta Flow Control Protocol
AFCPAir Force Command Post
AFCPAutomatic Flight Control Processor
AFCPAssociation Française des Constructeurs de Pompes (French: French Association of Pump Manufacturers)
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2] cells over 23 survey days from April to November 2010, 1211 AFCPs were observed concurrently with DCPs (Table 1), yielding a mean AFCP density of 19 AFCP/[km.
Additionally, we detected no differences in DCP density or AFCP density among habitat types within waterbodies.
However, analysis of the subset of 155 single-habitat cells yielded the same patterns found in the analysis of the complete 201-cell data set, with significant differences in DCP densities found among the 6 waterbodies but not among the 3 habitat types and with no differences in AFCP densities detected among these factors.
One might assume that DCP abundance is related to the number of AFCPs used in each waterbody.
2] cell, within which both DCPs and AFCPs were counted.
During the same survey, all AFCPs, with their required float visible on the water's surface, were counted visually, within each 1-[km.
667, to calculate the density of DCPs and AFCPs as the number of pots per square kilometer of open water.
The exhibit featured stunning photographs of the 18 sites where conservation work was carried out by the AFCP, from Peshawar and Taxila in the North to Uch Sharif, Multan and newest in Makli Hill Sindh.
The AFCP supports projects to preserve cultural heritage in the following three categories: A.
AFCP gives priority to project activities that are appropriate and in keeping with international standards for the preservation of cultural heritage.
The AFCP supports the preservation of: objects from a museum, site, archive, or similar institution; cultural sites; and forms of traditional and cultural expression such as music, dance, and language.
A 17-year veteran of the shopper industry, Gorman serves on the AFCP board as vice president of industry promotions.