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AFCRAmerican Foster Care Resources, Inc. (King George, VA)
AFCRAmerican Federation for Clinical Research (name changed to AFMR: American Federation for Medical Research)
AFCRAmerican Fund for Czechoslovak Relief (New York, NY)
AFCRAsian Fund for Cancer Research (Hong Kong)
AFCRAegis Field Change Request
AFCRAirborne Fire-Control Radar
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Headquartered in Hong Kong, AFCR is dedicated to bridging the scientific and educational gaps in cancer research and cancer prevention between Asian countries and the rest of the world, through promoting, coordinating and funding international collaboration in cancer research and public education.
As per the terms of the deal, to formulate reactors using Advanced Fuel CANDU (AFCR) technology in China, both the firms would work together, in addition for developing, SNC-Lavalin's wholly-owned subsidiary, Candu Energy, AFCR technology uses both recycled uranium- and thorium-based fuels.
Moving from the heart to the head, University of Cincinnati researchers reported at the AFCR meeting that fish oil ingestion led to a reduction in migraine intensity compared with placebo in six of eight subjects.