AFCRLAir Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (US Air Force)
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Also, from 1964 to 1966, the Jet Stream Cirrus Research Project was conducted by the AFCRL in support of Sandia Labs.
Beginning in early 1960, the AFCRL made available a U-2 to the Weather Bureau's HRP and its component Project Stormfury, an experimental hurricane modification project, providing high-altitude photographs and meteorological data in the troposphere region over the hurricanes.
Also, between 1962 and 1966, AFCRL research U-2 aircraft were utilized in a high-altitude Ozone Research Project to sample and measure ozone concentrations in the upper atmosphere.
On October 22, 1963, the AFCRL Ozone U-2 flew up and over the top of Hurricane Ginny and down into its eye to make Ozone measurements.
The AFCRL U-2 penetrated into the upper region of hurricane Isbell at approximately 55,000 feet--as the storm was off the coast of Florida, near Key West.
1960--1968; AFCRL makes a research U-2 available to the Weather Bureau's HRP and its component "Stormfury" experimental hurricane modification project.
1961--an AFCRL controlled research U-2 is used for high-altitude space particle (micro-meteorite) collection.
1962-1967; AFCRL controlled research U-2 aircraft support the U.
1962-1966 AFCRL controlled research U-2 aircraft are utilized for the Ozone Research Project and are flown over and into Atlantic hurricanes.
22 Oct) a AFCRL U-2 flies up, over and into the eye of hurricane Ginny.
1964-1966 AFCRL controlled research U-2 aircraft is used in the Lightning Research Project (in association with Project Rough Rider) and is also utilized for the Jet Stream Cirrus (Cloud) Research Project.
1964--(Oct 14) AFCRL U-2 flies over hurricane Isbell, and with specialized Ozone instruments, conducts Ozone measurements and cloud photography over the hurricane's eye.