AFCUAndrews (Air Force Base) Federal Credit Union
AFCUAmerica First Credit Union
AFCUArkansas Federal Credit Union
AFCUApple Federal Credit Union (Fairfax, VA)
AFCUAgriculture Federal Credit Union
AFCUArizona Federal Credit Union
AFCUActors' Federal Credit Union
AFCUAmoco Federal Credit Union
AFCUAir Fuel Control Unit (mechanics)
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Instead, AFCU turned to MX to make rapid iterations on its mobile application.
77) Undeterred by the court's decision, the AFCU filed a new request to expand into the counties around Salt Lake City, this time on the basis that the area was underserved.
The decision was based on which credit union was older - AFCU received its charter seven months before Denali in the late 1940s.
Surging adoption shows that there is an appetite among our members to access mobile services in multiple ways, and we know we made the right decision in expanding the AFCU Mobile Banking service to support all three major access modes," said Rich Syme, senior vice president, America First Credit Union.
The five banks that, along with AFCU, sent a joint letter of intent on Aug.
Additionally, AFCU employees are living the caring personality and service to its communities by donating to corporate-sponsored charities through automatic payroll deductions as well as using paid time off to volunteer to charities of their choice during work hours.
Turning back to AFCU, he said today's financial environment is extremely competitive.
AFCU was founded in 1956 to serve Little Rock Air Force Base.
The Select-A-Branch business model represents a unique way to increase both our ATM revenues, as well as increase the bond between the franchise locations and AFCU," commented Jeff Rodman, President of Actors Federal.
And after the loans came to AFCU through its relationship with the Credit Union Mortgage Association, a housing finance and loan servicing CUSO based in Northern Virginia, she said she had to try one.
A critical objective in evaluating providers was to achieve end-to-end synergy with our new teller system," said AFCU director of research and development Steve Hilton.
While many credit unions have adopted community charters in order to grow membership and assets, AFCU committed to retaining its core membership while opening its ranks to additional school districts.