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AFDCAid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDCAlternative Fuels Data Center
AFDCAir Force Doctrine Center
AFDCAllowance for Funds During Construction
AFDCAsia-Pacific Finance and Development Center
AFDCAssociation des Familles de Disparus de Constantine (French: Association of Families of the Disappeared in Constantine; Constantine, Algeria)
AFDCAxial Flux Difference
AFDCAutopilot Flight Director Computer (avionics)
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Del Boca (1994) and Gruber (2000) find evidence that AFDC and child support payments help divorced women smooth their consumption and ease the economic consequences of divorce.
Additional spell characteristics controlled for in the model included (1) whether the recipient had a previous Medicaid spell; (2) whether the modal aid code associated with the recipient's current Medicaid spell was based on eligibility for AFDC, AFDC-UP, Edward-Meyers, Continuing Medi-Cal, the MI Program, or the MN program; (3) whether the Medi-Cal recipient had ever received a cash grant; (4) whether the recipient had ever received Medi-Cal only; (5) whether the recipient ever had to pay a share of cost; (6) whether the recipient had ever been classified as an AFDC-UP participant in a two-parent family; and (7) whether the recipient ever qualified as an immigrant/refugee case.
This section attempts to provide a clear and concise overview of personal bankruptcy, UI, and AFDC.
There are few studies on the employment rate of AFDC leavers.
Significant differences were found between AFDC and non-AFDC mothers in partner status, age, race, and family income.
Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) selectively granted states' requests for waivers from federal AFDC requirements.
Many families who have left AFDC regularly run out of food and forgo medical care (Kohlert, 1989; Moscovice, Craig, & Pitt, 1987; U.
Believing that wholeheartedly, as he seems to, allows him to spend very little time considering anti-welfarist arguments on their own terms--either the practical argument that AFDC, at least, hurt its recipients by incentivizing them to have children out of wedlock and to leave the workforce and the mainstream culture, or the philosophical argument that government has no obligation to citizens who, for long stretches of years, don't work.
The act abolished AFDC, one of the oldest federal public assistance programs that specifically targeted poor families with children, and replaced it with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).
Controlling for state fixed or random effects alters the effect of both AFDC and Medicaid on the decision to participate as well as the number of hours worked.
Adults with Children with State Totals Disability Disability Total 6,280,443 960,760 130,324 California 3,415,068 402,987 39,427 Colorado 338,925 50,454 15,701 Georgia 667,424 88,538 16,848 Michigan 1,007,649 118,996 16,758 Missouri 72,270 67,886 4,384 Ohio 137,451 118,700 18,751 Tennessee 641,656 113,199 18,455 Unduplicated Count of Beneficiaries 3,936,626 549,595 80,646 AFDC AFDC State Adults Children Total 1,548,488 3,640,871 California 905,474 2,067,180 Colorado 85,221 187,549 Georgia 148,709 413,329 Michigan 288,462 583,433 Missouri -- -- Ohio -- -- Tennessee 120,622 389,380 Unduplicated Count of Beneficiaries 1,001,775 2,304,610
Lessons for Welfare Reform: An Analysis of the AFDC Caseload and Past Welfare-to-Work Programs.