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AFDCAid to Families with Dependent Children
AFDCAlternative Fuels Data Center
AFDCAtlanta Flying Disc Club (Atlanta, GA)
AFDCAutopilot Flight Director Computer (avionics)
AFDCAir Force Doctrine Center
AFDCAllowance for Funds During Construction
AFDCAsia-Pacific Finance and Development Center
AFDCAssociation des Familles de Disparus de Constantine (French: Association of Families of the Disappeared in Constantine; Constantine, Algeria)
AFDCAxial Flux Difference
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A 10% increase in monthly AFDC benefits or Medicaid expenditures would reduce hours worked by between .
For example, bladder and urethral infections were diagnosed for 95,000, or 10 percent, of our sample of adults with disability and more than 185,000, or 12 percent, of AFDC adults.
Coalitions were formed to defend AFDC, propose alternative definitions of the family, and advance a reform agenda that went beyond income redistribution, full employment, and a guaranteed income.
Del Boca (1994) and Gruber (2000) find evidence that AFDC and child support payments help divorced women smooth their consumption and ease the economic consequences of divorce.
1998] using AFDC and TANF administrative data along with Maryland's Department of Labor data, identify industries that both hire and retain TANF workers.
Additional spell characteristics controlled for in the model included (1) whether the recipient had a previous Medicaid spell; (2) whether the modal aid code associated with the recipient's current Medicaid spell was based on eligibility for AFDC, AFDC-UP, Edward-Meyers, Continuing Medi-Cal, the MI Program, or the MN program; (3) whether the Medi-Cal recipient had ever received a cash grant; (4) whether the recipient had ever received Medi-Cal only; (5) whether the recipient ever had to pay a share of cost; (6) whether the recipient had ever been classified as an AFDC-UP participant in a two-parent family; and (7) whether the recipient ever qualified as an immigrant/refugee case.
This section attempts to provide a clear and concise overview of personal bankruptcy, UI, and AFDC.
There are few studies on the employment rate of AFDC leavers.
AFDC status was defined by whether the respondent or a member of the respondents' household received AFDC in the past year.
With annual data, food stamp caseloads were strongly countercyclical, and reform of AFDC led to weak declines in total caseloads.
Dependency on welfare is defined as reliance on AFDC or TANF to meet all financial needs.
The results indicate that implementation of TANF is negatively associated with marriage and divorce rates, as are pre-TANF waivers from the AFDC program in some specifications.