AFDC-UPAssistance to Families with Dependent Children - Unemployed Parent
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Families whose incomes and resources exceed the gross income and asset limits set for AFDC or AFDC-UP recipients but who would otherwise qualify for these programs are eligible for Medi-Cal through the MN program.
Additional spell characteristics controlled for in the model included (1) whether the recipient had a previous Medicaid spell; (2) whether the modal aid code associated with the recipient's current Medicaid spell was based on eligibility for AFDC, AFDC-UP, Edward-Meyers, Continuing Medi-Cal, the MI Program, or the MN program; (3) whether the Medi-Cal recipient had ever received a cash grant; (4) whether the recipient had ever received Medi-Cal only; (5) whether the recipient ever had to pay a share of cost; (6) whether the recipient had ever been classified as an AFDC-UP participant in a two-parent family; and (7) whether the recipient ever qualified as an immigrant/refugee case.
The presence of an AFDC-UP program, which made two-parent families eligible for AFDC benefits under certain circumstances, could theoretically reduce or even cancel out the effects of the traditional AFDC program on marriage and divorce, suggesting that states with AFDC-UP programs should have higher marriage rates and lower divorce rates than other states.
Required coverage of first-time pregnant women and pregnant women in two-parent families whose principal wage earner was unemployed (AFDC-UP).
Two-parent families can qualify for AFDC-UP (unemployed parent).
AFDC-UP provides aid to needy children in families where the primary breadwinner is unemployed.
AFDC figures include the relatively recent AFDC-UP ("unemployed parent") program, which allows two-parent families meeting certain requirements to receive cash benefits.
The debate over extending AFDC-UP to all states reflected the ongoing controversy over the effect of welfare receipt on family formation and stability.
4-month transitional--Four months of extended Medicaid benefits are offered to people who previously collected AFDC or AFDC-UP, but what lost benefits when their earnings rose.
At 12 months after random assignment, only 3 percent of program group members in both the AFDC-SP and AFDC-UP assistance categories remained eligible for SWIM, were not employed, had never participated in a SWIM activity, and had never been sanctioned.
We expect divorce rates to fall with the duration of marriage, reflecting both the accumulation of marriage-specific capital and any effect of unobserved heterogeneity.(9) Most of the models also include two other measures: 1) whether a woman had an early marriage ([less than] age 20) which is known from other research to increase the probability of divorce; and 2) whether a woman lived in a state that offered the AFDC-UP program.
In approximately half the states in 1980, two-parent families meeting the income and asset conditions for AFDC and with children under 18 are eligible for AFDC-UP (UP for unemployed parent) benefits.