AFDDAir Force Doctrine Document
AFDDAgrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos (Association of Relatives of the Disappeared)
AFDDAssociation Française des Docteurs en Droit
AFDDAero-Flight Dynamics Directorate (US Army/NASA)
AFDDAudit Findings and Differences Database (ICAO)
AFDDAcriflavine Direct Detection
AFDDAir Force Data Dictionary
AFDDAutomated Fault Detection and Diagnostic
AFDDAngels For David Duchovny (web ring)
AFDDAzerbaijan Foundation for Development of Democracy
AFDDAnaerobic Floating Dome Digester
AFDDAmerica's Finest Dentist Directory
AFDDAssociation of Families of the Detained and Disappeared (Chile)
AFDDAccumulated Freezing Degree Day
AFDDAssociation Femmes pour un Développement Durable
AFDDAlluvial-Fan Deposit, Debris flow dominant (bedrock)
AFDDApproved for Detailed Design (UK)
AFDDAverage Flavor Delivery Duration
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Much like FM 3-24, AFDD 2-3 declares several times that irregular warfare (IW) "is not a lesser-included form of traditional warfare" as if it were relevant to an Air Force approach to COIN.
DEP'T OF ARMY, FIELD MANUAL 3-0, OPERATIONS II-18 (June 2001) [hereinafter FM 3-0]; see also AFDD 2-5, supra note 14, at 11.
Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2-0, Global Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations, 6 January 2012 (hereafter AFDD 2-0, Global Integrated ISR Operations), [ii], http://static.
The SAT measurement is a critical element in the use of AFDD techonology for performance monitoring, controlling, diagnostics, and optimization of packaged air-conditioning units.
In September 1997, these traditionally Air Force-oriented definitions came to an end with the publication of Air Force Basic Doctrine, AFDD 1.
In accordance with the definition in AFDD 3-12, mentioned previously, when a friendly force can "conduct operations at a given time and in a given domain without prohibitive interference," it has attained cyberspace superiority.
To address these shortcomings, the Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is developing a novel dynamic, machine-learning based technique for AFDD in HVAC systems, having already successfully applied similar techniques to fault detection in gas monitoring sensor networks (Wang et.
AFDD applications for HVAC&R and other building systems have lagged behind those in other industries, such as the nuclear, aerospace, process control, and national defense fields.
Again referring to JP 1, AFDD 1, and AFI 51-604, we see that the authorities of ADCON include
Using the virtual cybernetic building testbed and AFDD Test Shell for AFDD Tool Development, NISTIR 6818, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD.
For the most part, AFDD 2 builds upon basic Air Force doctrine by expanding on the commanding and organizing of air and space forces, including key roles and responsibilities.
Both the AFDD and AFEP applauded the arrests ordered by Judge Montiglio.