AFDDAir Force Doctrine Document
AFDDAgrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos (Association of Relatives of the Disappeared)
AFDDAssociation Française des Docteurs en Droit
AFDDAero-Flight Dynamics Directorate (US Army/NASA)
AFDDAudit Findings and Differences Database (ICAO)
AFDDAcriflavine Direct Detection
AFDDAir Force Data Dictionary
AFDDAngels For David Duchovny (web ring)
AFDDAutomated Fault Detection and Diagnostic
AFDDAmerica's Finest Dentist Directory
AFDDAzerbaijan Foundation for Development of Democracy
AFDDAnaerobic Floating Dome Digester
AFDDAlluvial-Fan Deposit, Debris flow dominant (bedrock)
AFDDAssociation of Families of the Detained and Disappeared (Chile)
AFDDAssociation Femmes pour un Développement Durable
AFDDAccumulated Freezing Degree Day
AFDDApproved for Detailed Design (UK)
AFDDAverage Flavor Delivery Duration
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2001) and further developed by Schein and Bushby (2005, 2006) is an AFDD technique that applies a series of tests or "rules"--primarily mass and energy balance equations--which, when violated, indicate that a fault condition on the AHU has occurred.
MI hipotesis es que la organizacion de las mujeres en torno a la AFDD fue posible por las particularidades del siglo XX "de las mujeres" de Chile.
Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2-0, Global Integrated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations, 6 January 2012 (hereafter AFDD 2-0, Global Integrated ISR Operations), [ii], http://static.
AFDD 3-12 is a good start on translating applicable Clausewitzian principles of war using cyberspace primarily in a supporting role.
Although the term global situational awareness is mentioned in AFDD 2-9, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Operations, it is not defined in doctrine or elsewhere.
The SAT measurement is a critical element in the use of AFDD techonology for performance monitoring, controlling, diagnostics, and optimization of packaged air-conditioning units.
Much like FM 3-24, AFDD 2-3 declares several times that irregular warfare (IW) "is not a lesser-included form of traditional warfare" as if it were relevant to an Air Force approach to COIN.
As in the case of JP 3-13, there are two fundamental similarities between FM 3-0 and AFDD 2-5.
The following is extracted from the forward to AFDD 2-5, which is currently undergoing a significant revision:
Secretary of the Air Force, Basic Air Force Doctrine, AFDD 1 (Maxwell AFB, Ala.
The Human Rights Agency is independent of the government and other large organizations and operates in little groups all over Chile, in association with the AFDD (the group of families of the detained and disappeared).