AFDIAmerican Freedom Defense Initiative
AFDIAktion Fairness Durch Information (German: Action Fairness through Information; Austria)
AFDIAnnual Foreign Direct Investment (business survey; UK)
AFDIAir Force DoDIIS Infrastructure
AFDIAustralian Forest Development Institute (now Australian Forest Growers; est. 1969; Australia)
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AFDI argued the rejection violated its right to free speech and showed a double standard, as the transit agency had previously allowed a pro-Palestinian group to run an ad on the Boston T.
Most recently, when AFDI paid to have ads posted to New York City buses with the quote ' Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah' plastered all over.
The AFDI has been spearheading campaigns against the building of Islamic centres as well as running anti-Islam advertisements across the US for some time now and this recent exhibition was yet another testimony of their hypocritical and objectionable stance of propagating free speech and free religion.
Pamela Geller, president of the AFDI, said before the event that she planned the contest to make a stand for free speech in response to outcries and violence over drawings of Mohammed.
The ads are the latest effort by the pro-Israel, Houston-based American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment across the US.
We would like to provide some context and background surrounding the "honour killing" ad campaign on Edmonton Transit buses sponsored by the America Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI).
The simple calculation of the adjusted FDI (AFDI) can be shown as follows:
THE AMERICAN FREEDOM DEFENSE Initiative's (AFDI) mission is to act "against the treason being committed by ...