AFDIAmerican Freedom Defense Initiative
AFDIAktion Fairness Durch Information (German: Action Fairness through Information; Austria)
AFDIAnnual Foreign Direct Investment (business survey; UK)
AFDIAir Force DoDIIS Infrastructure
AFDIAustralian Forest Development Institute (now Australian Forest Growers; est. 1969; Australia)
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The value add of the R-CDTA is that it will consolidate and sustain the gains within the Asia-Pacific region of the more established PRC center of excellence in AFDI under PRCF suppo
AFDI argued the rejection violated its right to free speech and showed a double standard, as the transit agency had previously allowed a pro-Palestinian group to run an ad on the Boston T.
A 2012 AFDI ad campaign proclaimed, "In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man.
Meanwhile, the same AFDI ad had appeared in the San Francisco and New York transit systems without prompting terrorism or platform fights in dangerous proximity to electrified tracks.
108) Guy Feuer, << L'Uruguay Round, les pays en developpement et le droit international du developpement >> (1994) 40 AFDI 758 a la p 774 [Feuer, << Uruguay Round >>] ; Carreau et Juillard, supra note 62 au no 682.
Partners in Action : UNDP, UNOPS, MDE, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), AFDI, GVC Italia;
For years before the attack on the Texas event Sunday by two men with assault rifles, AFDI president and cofounder Pamela Geller has been making headlines for expressing staunch, and often controversial, opposition to Islam.
The AFDI issued a statement on Facebook after the shooting saying, "This is war on free speech.
208; y <<Chronique de droit international economique>>, AFDI (1970), p.
The controversial AFDI adverts were placed in ten subway stations on Monday after a judge decided that barring them would violate the first amendment.
lt;<L'institution d'un Tribunal International pour la repression de droit humanitaire en Yougoslavie<<, AFDI, 1993, p.
The decrease in the net profit for the quarter ended June 30, 1996, was primarily due to the start-up of the operations of AFDI, Inc.