AFDILArmed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory
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The AFDIL is collecting mtDNA samples from MIA family members to help the identification process.
For more information about providing a mtDNA sample to the AFDIL, maternal relatives of MIAs are asked to contact the USAF Missing Persons Branch 800-531-5501; Department of the Army 800-892-2490; Headquarters U.
APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF FAMILY NUMBER OF FAMILIES WAR NUMBER OF MIAS SAMPLES COLLECTED REPRESENTED Vietnam 1,946 1,417 985 Korea 8,100 4,170 2,660 World War II 78,000 286 234 Cold War 125 69 45 SOURCE: AFDIL
We are pleased to use EG's experience with low quality and low quantity DNA and work with AFDIL in their efforts to identify unknown remains.