AFDLAuxiliary Floating Drydock, Little (US Navy)
AFDLSmall Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (Non Self-Propelled)
AFDLAmerican Fork Drumline (Utah)
AFDLAero-Flight Dynamics Laboratory
AFDLAir Force Distance Learning
AFDLAAHL (Australian Animal Health Laboratory) Fish Diseases Laboratory (Australia)
AFDLA Few Dead Losers (Prescott, AZ band)
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n: 110-3 cases: 2.72% Total AFDL (3 cases, 2.72%) Right Side Left Side 1 case 2 cases 0.91% 1.81% Unilateral Bilateral 1 case 1 ca se 0.91% 0.91% Table II.
The AFDL, with Rwandan officers and noncommissioned officers leading the way, quickly overwhelmed Mobutu's forces and forced him to flee into exile.
At the time of Mobutu's overthrow in 1997, former-rebel turned president, Laurent-Desire Kabila commanded a coalition of AFDL rebels (Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo) that turned out to be a loose-coalition of Rwandan Tutsi and a cadre of child soldiers (known locally as kadogos) with the support of regional allies.
several neighboring governments, the AFDL marched across Zaire and
Es asi que en 1997 comienza la llamada primera guerra del Congo, cuando el jefe de la Alianza de las Fuerzas Democraticas de Liberacion del Congo (AFDL), Laurent-Desire Kabila, apoyado militarmente por Uganda, Ruanda, Burundi y Angola entra a Kinshasa y derroca el poder constituido de Mobutu (p.
In October 1996, Rwandan troops (RPA) entered Zaire, simultaneously with the formation of an armed coalition led by Laurent-Desire Kabila known as the Alliance des Forces Democratiques pour la Liberation du Congo-Zaire (AFDL).
Evidence demonstrates that Lundin Holdings established a relationship with the Alliance des Forces Democratiques de Liberation (AFDL), Kabila's rebel army, prior to the AFDL's ascension to power.
As the Cold War thawed, Mobutu's foreign support waned and his support for Rwanda's Hutus led, following the Rwandan massacre, to exiled Tutsis in Eastern Congo uniting under Laurent Kabila as the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo (AFDL) to unseat him from power, with the backing of both Uganda and Rwanda, the ADF took power in 1997 and renamed the country the Democratic Republic of Congo.