AFDMAsh Free Dry Mass
AFDMMedium Auxiliary Floating Dry Dock (Non Self-Propelled)
AFDMAfrican Diamond Company, Inc. (stock symbol)
AFDMAboriginal Family Decision Making (indigenous initiative; Australia)
AFDMAdvanced Fluid Dynamics Model
AFDMAlianza Federal de Mercedes (Spanish: Federal Alliance of Land Grants; Mexico)
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Entity Axis 1:Rio de Axis 1: entity Janeiro Municipal rules of Health council eligibility (cMS-rJ)rules of eligibility ACADIM "Electoral" type * "Non-electoral" type (president) Otimismo "Electoral" type * "Non-electoral" type (president) AMORVIT-RJ "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (president) AFDM "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (board) ACD "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (board) FAFERJ "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (board) FAM-Rio "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (board) IABC "Electoral" type "Non-electoral" type (board) District Health "Non-electoral" "Electoral" type Councils(CODS) type AP 1.
The regression equation between AFDM and length-weight relationship for the bivalve populations were expressed as: [W.
Annual leaf input to Hugh White Creek has been previously measured as 415 g AFDM [m.
Half of the epilithon samples were processed for dry mass and AFDM as described for FROM (except that they were not rewetted after combustion) and the other half were extracted in 90% acetone for chlorophyll a measurement (Wetzel and Likens 1991).
Sites that have lower or no recreational hiker use are predicted to be impacted less and have lower algal species diversity, average cell biovolume, cell density, total biomass, chlorophyll a, AFDM, and ash weight and percentage.
Estimation of grazer biomass in common units (g AFDM grazers/block).
Mean [pm] 1 SE shredder abundance (number/bag) and density (number/g AFDM leaf material) in chestnut oak leaf packs incubated in reference (REF) and disturbed (DIST) streams at Coweeta.
19 Notes: P = significance level of regression; slope (coefficient) has units of g AFDM [multiplied by] [m.
894 (measured in micromolecules of oxygen per hour, grams AFDM, and degrees Kelvin), where D = -0.
hanleyanus with values of other Donax species, all published values were converted to AFDM (according to Brey et al.
Within the data subset ranging from 6-12 g AFDM and from 41 94 y of age, MSR was independent of body mass (P = 0.