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That may be fine for an average business, but I think we'd all agree the AFDS is not an average business.
The AFDS tracks how many days each of our patients wait before receiving an appointment.
The AFDS goal is to have at least 95 percent of active duty personnel ready to deploy at all times and ensure with utmost certainty that there would be no dental complications for the duration of their deployment.
AFDS maintains a current snapshot of the situation in the BLL systems, and the results of the root cause analysis are shown in real time in the AFDS HMI to give the operator a quick idea of how and where a fault situation began.
He continues: "DHF expects the AFDS software to be rolled out to airports and air navigation service providers in different international markets.
However, because of the significant mercury content in amalgam, the AFDS has taken precautions.
When it comes to pollution prevention, innovative technology has enabled huge gains within the AFDS.
DHF says its AFDS is capable of detecting all kind of faults and is generic, which means it can be used by operators large or small who need purchase only the modules their airport requires.
The AFDS is on the cutting edge of technology with its adaptation of digital radiography: By using this state of the art system, we adopt more eco-friendly, superior quality and proven diagnostic images when compared to old conventional radiography.
Resellers attending the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) Annual Meeting and Expo are invited to stop by booth 627 to learn more about AFDS and other Authorize.
The CDU navigation outputs will then be displayed on the EFDS and used as a steering source by the AFDS.