AFDWAir Force District of Washington (District of Columbia)
AFDWAsh-Free Dry Weight
AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing (data warehousing solution developed by Microsoft and Texas Instruments)
AFDWAlabama Federation of Democratic Women (Decatur, AL)
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Maria Baez de Hicks, current President of the AFDW will address those gathered at the event.
Measurements of total energy via PDWO generally correlate tightly with AFDW measurements when the two methods are compared (Jaeckle.
To compare biomass abundance between sites by plant category (periphyton or macrophyte), the analysis of variance and least square means procedures were used on the total AFDW by site and sampling date to determine if significant differences ([alpha] = 0.
Both AFDW and energy content were positively correlated with egg volume in interspecific comparisons (by ordinary least squares [OLS] regression: ln[AFDW] on ln[volume], [r.
SrA McMullen's outstanding duty, performance, and commitment to the community, AFDW, and the Air Force define his selection as ACES HIGH
AFDW conversion factor taken from Scottish west coast specimens (McKenzie and Kelly, 1994).
During the larval stage, animals were fed a mixed algal diet of Chaetoceros calcitrans and Tisochrysis lutea (in equal AFDW proportions) at a ration level of 10,000-20,000 AFDW equivalent T.
Decision Support (DS) Initiative Team (MAJCOMs, AFDW, AFISRA, HAP, SAP)
Ravi Chaudhary, the AFDW executive officer, is one of those successful PIs he said.
Twenty mussels were removed from each tank on a monthly basis and sampled for SL, wet weight (WW), DW, AFDW, lipid composition, FA composition, and C/N and amino acid composition.
Filters used for measuring POM were weighed and then combusted at 450 [degrees] C for 6 h, and AFDW was calculated by difference.