AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing
AFDWAir Force District of Washington (District of Columbia)
AFDWAsh-Free Dry Weight
AFDWActive Framework for Data Warehousing (data warehousing solution developed by Microsoft and Texas Instruments)
AFDWAlabama Federation of Democratic Women (Decatur, AL)
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Jan Paschal, former President of AFDW, reached out to her old friends in the northeast to get some help with contentious mid-term elections in Arkansas.
During the experimental phase, for the control periphyton, we detected the predominance of the organic fraction (AFDW) over the inorganic (AW).
Measurements of total energy via PDWO generally correlate tightly with AFDW measurements when the two methods are compared (Jaeckle.
After obtaining a dry weight and an ash weight, the ash-free dry weight (AFDW), which represents the amount of organic material (biomass) present, was calculated as follows:
7) indicate that in deeper water, Calliergon underwent shoot etiolation; thus, lower chl-a and AFDW contents were found there than in annual bands of similar lengths at shallower depths.
The biomass (5), secondary production (P) and turnover rates (P/B) calculated for Tellina lineata (B = 1.391 AFDW g x [m.sup.-2], P = 2.293 AFDW g x [m.sup.-2] x [y.sup.-1], P/B = 1.65 [y.sup.-1]) were higher than for Tellina versicolor (B = 0.577 AFDW g x [m.sup.-2], P = 0.786 AFDW g x [m.sup.-2] x [y.sup.-1], P/B = 1.36 [y.sup.-1]).
capitatus was 158.03 g [m.sup.-2] (SE = 11.53 g [m.sup.-2]) and AFDW 54.47 g [m.sup.-2] (SE = 5.78 g [m.sup.-2]).
In combination with measures of egg ash-free dry weight (AFDW), these data yielded estimates of AFDW-specific energy density that were mostly lower than the average weight-specific energy density of carbohydrates.
Shoots, roots, and rhizomes were dried to constant weight at 80[degrees]C, then ashed at 500[degrees]C for 8 hours to determine ash free dry weight (AFDW).
Plant material was processed at 60 C to obtain plant dry weight (DW) and ashed at 525 C to obtain ash-free dry weight (AFDW).