AFDXAvionics Full Duplex Ethernet (network used on Airbus A380 and Boeing 7E7 programs, registered trademark of Airbus)
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Thus, these two simulation environments form a cosimulation platform by using TCP/IP as an abstraction of the AFDX bus.
In order to provide IMA architecture with flexible and reliable data communications, the Ethernet based avionics bus AFDX has been developed, which is a specific implementation of the ARINC664 standard [21].
Individual AFDX messages can also be stimulated with ease using this C-like programming language.
B777 or B787 are examples where their CMCs are connected to ARINC 629 and AFDX safety-critical data buses, respectively.
The dynamic discovery requires a broadcast protocol support which is not a feature available in AFDX.
As an AFDX End System, the AFDX-E1000 provides an interface between an aircraft's avionics systems to ensure reliable data interchange.
The AFDX-E1000 uses a hardware-independent, software-loadable, ARINC 664 Part 7-compliant protocol stack that meets commercial and military AFDX subsystem requirements.
T's ADS2 is a system integration testing solution that supports a broad variety of interfaces, including AFDX, ARINC 429, and MIL-STD-1553.
and the AFDX backbone network technology to Italy s Selex ES S.
This newest accord is a first to bring an end-system manufacturer into the official AFDX partner community, and it broadens the use of AFDX to the helicopter market.
These modules meet ARINC 664 and Airbus AFDX (avionics full duplex switched Ethernet) requirements for the Boeing 7E7 and A380/A400M programs.
The AFDX switch provides the communications infrastructure to connect aircraft systems, including displays, radios and navigation sensors.