AFDXAvionics Full Duplex Ethernet (network used on Airbus A380 and Boeing 7E7 programs, registered trademark of Airbus)
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Individual AFDX messages can also be stimulated with ease using this C-like programming language.
This newest accord is a first to bring an end-system manufacturer into the official AFDX partner community, and it broadens the use of AFDX to the helicopter market.
The growth in the Data Bus Market is expected to be driven by the increasing usage of AFDX, MIL-STD 1553, and CAN bus.
The new FPGA can be installed directly on the boards of an AFDX end system.
As an AFDX End System, the AFDX-E1000 provides an interface between an aircraft's avionics systems to ensure reliable data interchange.
T's ADS2 is a system integration testing solution that supports a broad variety of interfaces, including AFDX, ARINC 429, and MIL-STD-1553.
Embvue has underlined its current position as a leading provider of AFDX and safe, deterministic switched Ethernet products and services by announcing the signing of an important Technology Licensing Agreement with EADS and Airbus
The A602 also provides two PMC slots, one accessed via the front or rear I/O that can be used with all standard PMC modules and the other for an AFDX PMC connection via rear I/O.
These modules meet ARINC 664 and Airbus AFDX (avionics full duplex switched Ethernet) requirements for the Boeing 7E7 and A380/A400M programs.
The D602 provides two PMC slots, one of which is used for an AFDX connection.
The AFDX switch provides the communications infrastructure to connect aircraft systems, including displays, radios and navigation sensors.
Prodigy is a scalable and configurable network integration tool suite that allows users to greatly simplify the deployment of AFDX, or other deterministic Ethernet, networks.