AFECAssociation Française d'Etudes Canadiennes (French: French Association for Canadian Studies; est. 1976)
AFECAssociation Française d'Etude de la Concurrence (French: French Association of Competition; legal association)
AFECAssociation Francophone d'Education Comparée (French: French Association of Comparative Education)
AFECAssociation Française des Etablissements de Crédit (French: French Association of Credit Institutions)
AFECAsociación de Fabricantes de Equipos de Climatización (Spanish: Air Conditioning Manufacturer´s Association)
AFECAdaptive Forward Error Correction
AFECAmericans for Fuel Efficient Cars
AFECAward Fee Evaluation Committee
AFECAsociación de Apoyo a Familias con Enfermos Crónicos
AFECAir Expeditionary Force Center (USAF)
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The bonds are secured by debt service payments made by the 86 AFEC participants pursuant to the power sales contracts (PSC).
coli (AFEC) isolated from healthy birds is not clearly established in isolates of Assiut Province; without specific information about ExPEC, it is difficult to predict the success of colibacillosis control schemes.
Park and W Wang, "Afec: an adaptive forward error-correction protocol for end-to-end transport of real-time traffic," in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communication and Networks, pp.
Another major program for the near future is the Air Force Expeditionary Capability project (AFEC), which is to establish a structured expeditionary capability to allow the rapid deployment of air power in support of Canadian Armed Forces operations.
Faith and Ecology Center (AFEC), replacing the former Appalachian Office
Esta separacion es clave para la teoria de las emociones que vera a partir de ahora mas clara la distincion entre pasion y afec to o entre emocion y sentimiento.
In this study, however, the academic area was not taken into account, so that six scores were obtained: Attribution of Success to Ability (ASAB), Attribution of Success to Effort (ASEF), Attribution of Success to External Causes (ASEC), Attribution of Failure to Ability (AFAB), Attribution of Failure to Effort (AFEF), Attribution of Failure to External Causes (AFEC; 3 types of causes x 2 opposite-hypothetical outcomes).