AFEFAssociation Française des Enseignants de Français (French: French Association of French Teachers)
AFEFAssociation Française pour l'Etude du Foie
AFEFAir Force Enlisted Foundation
AFEFAir Force Emergency Force (Australia)
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The annual AFEF aims to gather participants from APEC member economies to solidify the vision of future education and to materialize an ideal model of future schools from a wide spectrum of viewpoints on future society and education.
"What an honour to sit alongside fashion moguls like Elie Saab, Afef Jnifen and Youssra!
A total of 15 contestants will go head to head for 13 weeks, in hopes of impressing Elie and co-judge Tunisian model and actress Afef Jnifen and mentor, the Saudi fashion and design consultant Faris Al Shehri, and eventually winning a cash prize of $50,000 from Maybelline New York, a one-year contract for his/her own fashion house within the Dubai Design District (d3), a one-year membership to Dubai Design & Fashion Council and a cover feature on Harper's Bazaar Arabia .
Cela dit, les coursiers qui s'aligneront sous les ordres du starter se scindent en deux groupes, d'une part cinq ou six favoris sur le papier a l'image de Asafa de Tune, Nord de Tune, Nour El Mels, Marouatune Afef et a un degre moindre Rimel El Bahr et les autres qui completeront les treize partants de ce prix Douib Ali, support au quarte et quinte et dont la condition de course stipule pour chevaux de 3 ans et plus arabe nes et eleves en Algerie n'ayant pas totalise la somme de 31.000 DA depuis le 01.01.16.
On Tuesday 2nd April 2013, the IOF attacked a group of journalists during their coverage of a peaceful protest in Jerusalem on the death of prisoner Maysara Abu Hameda, they are: Quds Net Correspondent Diala Jweihan, Wafa Agency Photographer Afef Omera, French Agency Photographer Jamil Qudmani, Al Quds Newspaper Photographer Mahmoud Alian, and Ranwa Agency Photographer Saeed Alqaq.
Summary: Masdar led talks on renewable energy and clean technology in Singapore, recently at the Asia Future Energy Forum and Exhibition, or AFEF.
Afef Abrougi, joven periodista tunecina, explica a Proceso que los medios, tanto del Estado como los privados, eran usados por el regimen de Ben Ali como herramientas de propaganda.
Masdar and Reed will hold the Asia Future Energy Forum (AFEF) and Exhibition under the theme "Powering Sustainable Innovation in Asia.
Afef Abrougui, a Global Voices blogger tweeted : "I remember myself having a big fight with my sister because I shared an anti-regime song on Facebook: she was my own #Ammar404 " (referring to the internet censor).