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AFEMOAssociazione Fabbricanti Esportatori Macchine per Oreficeria (Italian: Association of Jewelry Machinery Manufacturers and Exporters)
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While the governor summons the National Guard, Chavis' mother (Donna Biscoe) calls in the NAACP, which dispatches Golden Frinks (Afemo Omilami, in a standout perf), a silver-tongued agitator whose job it is to keep the black populace's eyes on the prize.
Instead, the Strange Lady returns to distracting effect, Daddy starts running naked through town, Granny totes her shotgun around, and a plane's worth of snakes begins materializing everywhere, a matter tended to by a wise black man (Afemo Omilami), a horse trainer who endeavors to restore a measure of physical and psychic health to both Strange Lady and Lewellen.
Earl Brown General Castrillon Castulo Guerra Mosley Baker Tom Everett Sam Afemo Omilami Capt.