AFEMSAir Force Equipment Management System
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All nonregistered vehicles are tracked through AFEMS like every other equipment item on base.
In addition, vehicle use codes are established to identify the actual vehicle assets (registered vehicles are the only equipment items in AFEMS that carry separate authorization and asset equipment use codes):
Equipment custodians notify their MAJCOM equipment management offices (CEMO) through AFEMS when replacements are needed.
A way to identify vehicle funding against a particular program or system would be to assign the unit's PEC against the allowance source code (ASC) within AFEMS.
An equipment item, accounted for in AFEMS, in FSG 17, 23, 24, 38, or 39 or FSC 4210 (or any in an FSG with a material management code YW), which operates on the ground, either self-propelled or pulled by a powered item, which performs a specific function or mission, while transporting personnel or cargo.