AFENAcoustic Feature Extraction Network
AFENAnalog Telephone Network
AFENAtlantic Frontier Environmental Network (UK)
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rd ck an er 84 afen Tim Howard, largely untroubled all a ternoon, had been caught off his line whe David Jones' bundled effort looped onto th bar, but the retreating Hibbert put his bod in the way.
Beginning in 1947 with his "Haim Afen Range," Katz' contribution to popular culture was largely parodic, as Josh Kun notes in his contribution to this volume.
The original print of Warner Brothers' 1946 The Jolson Story--released a year before Katz debuted his Yinglish jazz singing on "Haim Afen Range"--contains a scene in which Larry Parks, who plays Jolson, performs a Yiddish song.
"Haim Afen Range": Parody, Re-Semitization, and the Jewish Grotesque The Jew can be charged with the longest-standing crime in history.