AFETAssociation Française d'Entérostoma-Thérapeutes
AFETAsociación de Farmacéuticos Empresarios de Tarragona
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Brok should thus take over the AFET chairmanship, a position he has already occupied in the past, from Gabriele Albertini.
AFET chose ribbed smoked rubber sheet as the underlying asset in the futures contract to help rubber farmers, processors, and exporter in managing their risk.
Thats why we are mainstreaming and encouraging the public to apply AFET, emphasized Ibuna.
He addressed the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) and held a meeting with Elmar Brok, chairman of AFET, where they exchanged views on regional developments in the Middle East.
We have made good progress, we scheduled the AFET vote for April 8, and I am going to remain committed to making sure that, after the deal we made in Skopje in early March, the EP deals with the report in a positive and constructive framework," Howitt said.
EU foreign policy spending, and direct budgetary support in particular, will be coupled to our political priorities," the Chair of Parliament's AFET committee, Elmar Brok (EPP), said after the vote in Strasbourg.
Even an amendment that called on the Hizmet for more transparency, a motion that was publicly supported by Hizmet, was dropped by the members of AFET, perhaps to send a crystal clear message to Mr.
In the own-initiative report, AFET Chair Saryusz-Wolski argues the EU's foreign energy policy needs to be coordinated by a single person.
The AFET should also focus in the coming months on the foreign policy aspects of energy policy, and in particular the security of energy supply.
On 13 November, they held discussions at the European Parliament with members of various committees and delegations (ECON, AFET, EFTA) before meeting advisers to European Council President Herman Van Rompuy.
Adding to the growing tension, the Turkish government also cancelled an appointment with an AFET delegation and refused to schedule new appointments with the EU body.