AFEWAIDS Foundation East-West
AFEWAfrican Fund for Endangered Wildlife
AFEWAnimal Friends for Education and Welfare (New Jersey)
AFEWAmerican Federation of Express Workers
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HIV React is being implemented by the AFEW Network led by AFEW-Kazakhstan with the financial support of the U.
Since 1984 Giraffe Manor has been open as a hotel, primarily to raise funds for AFEW, with each guest of the Giraffe Manor contributing to the running of AFEW as part of the standard rate.
AFEW months back, I ran into an old school friend in the street.
AFEW weeks ago, perhaps only days even, it would have taken a brave man to have predicted that retailers in Liverpool and the North-West would have been enjoying a bumper Christmas.
AFEW months ago the widow of Robert Bradley, a former member of Almondbury Civic Youth Club's successful football team, brought her grandson to join Honley Cubs, where Leslie Chadwick is the leader.
AFEW steps from the bustle of Moseley's Alcester Road, the pace of life slows down.
AFEW weeks ago, Year 4 pupils and their teacher Mr Hudson saw an electric car owned by a lady called Krista who came from Durham University.
AFEW years back when I last caught this tour of hot new bands the opening act were some group called Coldplay.
AFEW weeks ago, I was in Anglesey and I went mussel picking, taking my children with me for the first time.
AFEW years ago, you could have been forgiven for predicting that in the near future Gerald Butler would at least go close to reaching a season with a century of winners.
AFEW days on the west coast of Ireland to catch up with peak seabird passage was fairly productive with thousands of manx shearwaters and hundreds of sooty shearwaters and storm petrels.