AFEWCAir Force Electronic Warfare Center
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In addition to the models, AFEWC's wartime role includes the provision of specially tailored combat analysis teams to assist operational commanders in forward locations.
Fortunately, AFEWC will not be deploying systems and personnel to conflict areas all the time.
Noninstrumented test ranges can call on AFEWC to provide monitoring equipment.
Much of AFEWC's staff performs studies and analyses requested by DOD and Air Force agencies.
While AFEWC will carry responsibility for validating vulnerability assessments of Air Force systems, it is not anticipated that all of these assessments will be performed by the military; contractor help is envisioned.
A list of the programs AFEWC has aided appears in Table 1.
AFEWC's ASPJ activity provided a useful lesson in developing measures of effectiveness (MOEs).
In the future, Peacock anticipates AFEWC will be involved in determining the winner of the EF-111 System Improvement Program.
The AFEWC budget for FY 1991 is approximately $32.1 million, a slight decrease from the previous year, when additional funds were allotted for the center's entry into acquisition support.
The JEWC is an offspring of AFEWC, formed in 1980 from AFEWC's non-Air Force personnel to provide EW support to operational forces worldwide with EW combat analysis, systems engineering and advice for EW planning and execution.