AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Effectiveness Simulator (USAF)
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Environment Simulator
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For more information about the AFEWES, visit the USAF web site at: http://www.
AFEWES has been continually upgraded and expanded to keep pace with the changing foreign military threat, and today the facility contains more than 30 different simulations of surface-to-air missiles, anti-aircraft artillery, airborne interceptors and air-to-air missiles.
AFEWES systems operate in real-time, at actual frequency/wavelength, and include operator-in-the-loop effects.
Throughout the Cold War, AFEWES performed highly classified recurring test and evaluation of various strategic platforms.
Palmer, USAF, a former director of the AFEWES laboratory, said, "This high-fidelity simulation capability has proven to be a cost-effective part of the DoD's Electronic Combat Test Process, evaluating the effectiveness of aircraft protection systems from their initial concept through operational deployment.
The AFEWES is a major electronic combat test facility managed by the 412th Test Wing of the Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB, Calif.