AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Effectiveness Simulator (USAF)
AFEWESAir Force Electronic Warfare Environment Simulator
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When the work on AFEWES was complete, Eglin [Air Force Base] had been declared the center for the flight-testing of electronic-countermeasures equipment.
The AFEWES Hardware-In-The-Loop laboratory affords many unique capabilities not available elsewhere and supports threat exploitation to enhance DoD's understanding of foreign military systems.
AFEWES then operated under the oversight of various USAF research and development centers until finally coming under the management of the AFFTC in 1995.
In a letter to Congress, a copy of which was obtained by JED, Delaney stated, "The Air Force is committed to ensuring adequate test and evaluation resources are available to test our weapon systems, and at this time the best solution for the Air Force is not to relocate the AFEWES facility.
Whitten Peters to deliver the findings of a cost-benefit analysis of the relocation plan (see "House to SAF: Justify Relocation of AFEWES," JED, August 2000, p.
Under Peters' plan, the AFEWES was to remain at Air Force Plant 4 in Ft.
In light of what had occurred, it didn't take long to get the programmatics out of the way, and once the go-ahead had been secured, the AFEWES team went to work, with Lockheed-Martin engineer Doug Hale in the lead.
The seeker integrated into the AFEWES laboratory, however, was operational, so the AFEWES team again went to work, led by Lockheed-Martin engineers Jerry Teague and Marlin Massey.
After some discussion, however, the analysts agreed that the scenario envisioned by both the Eglin and AFEWES testers was technically possible, and although that opinion is not universally accepted, credible sources today agree that the scenario was not only possible, but likely.
Word of the effort to move the AFEWES to the AFFTC has been circulating for at least the last couple of years, but such talk, sources say, has been increasingly frequent over the past few months.
This, Colonel Palmer explained, shows how, when properly used, the AFEWES simulator is more than a lab tool.
Seattle, WA), when contacted by JED, stated that the company had no plans to test the EW systems of its JSF variant at the AFEWES -- which, despite being operated by Lockheed Martin, is a Air Force-owned test facility -- or at the Virtual Battlefield Management Center.