AFEXAssociated Foreign Exchange
AFEXAdvanced Furnace for Microgravity Experiment with X-Ray Radiography
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AFEX opens up biomass cell-wall structures, thereby increasing the effectiveness of digestion.
Banamex's extensive network will soon offer payment of RIA and AFEX money transfers to customers in Mexico.
The goal of AFEX is the transformation of agriculture in a way that gives value back to the producers, mainly in Africa.
Headquartered in California with offices throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, AFEX trades more than $15 billion in foreign exchange every year,.
After testing its process on simple sugars such as glucose and xylose, DEINOVE contacted MBI to test the DEINOL technology on AFEX pretreated corn stover.
Issued in two main separate reports: AFEX Renewable Energy, and AFEX Energy Efficiency, the index offers both quantitative and qualitative analysis for key renewable energy and energy efficiency market dimensions.
Doctoral student Ming Lau and I have shown that it's possible to use AFEX to pretreat corn stover (cobs, stalks and leaves) and then hydrolyze and ferment it to commercially relevant levels of ethanol without adding nutrients to the stover," Dale said.
amp; LONDON -- AFEX, one of the world's largest non-bank providers of foreign payment solutions, with international payment expertise around the globe, today announced the launch of an enhanced version of AFEXDirect(TM).
AFEX Group, which was the first foreign company to begin operating in Rumbek Central county after the signing of a 2005 peace deal with the north which ended a more than two-decade-long civil war and paved the way for the South's secession in 2011, says it has now completely ceased its business operations in the region.
AFEX announced that it acquire the business of Jameson Bank, and that it is subject to regulatory approvals.
In addition, AFEX alters the biomass structure so that enzymes can more effectively break the biomass down into fermentable sugars.
Amongst the French delegation, AFEX, an association of a 100 French architects, is attending MIPIM for the first time to promote their know-how internationally.