AFFARAir Force Federal Acquisition Regulation
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At first glance, there appears to be abundant guidance available to CCOs to help mitigate any adverse effects associated with these challenges, including AFFARS Appendix CC for Air Force contingency contracting support; (14) Air Force Instruction 10-401, Air Force Operations Planning and Execution; (15) the 2003 Air Force Logistics Management Agency contingency contracting handbook: (16) as well as formal training through the Defense Acquisition University (17) and predeployment orientation programs (limited to office chiefs) provided by USCENTAF contracting.
The AFFARS MP requires that the writing (D&F) include a
The AFFARS MP also requires that the D&F include "an
Available on-line, the new AFFARS now has embedded hyperlinks within each section, as well as an information library feature.
2367) Imbedded as hyperlinks within relevant AFFARS text, the MP "must be followed and carry the same weight as the AFFARS or an [Air Force Instruction]," while the IG simply provide "help" to contracting professionals.
The definitions from AFFARS part 5315 and FAR part 14 are as follows:
The reasoning is that neither FAR nor AFFARS has been changed sufficiently to recognize the full impact of CAIV in the source selection process.
31) General Scott's purpose was "to clarify the language of AFFARS 5301.
AFFARS Appendices AA and BB are obsolete and must no longer be used.
However, that requirement was rescinded in the AFFARS 2002 edition.