AFFARSAir Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
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Crimsworth, elegantly dressed in satin and lace, blooming in youth and health, vouchsafed me no more notice than was expressed by a distant move; Crimsworth, of course, never spoke to me; I was introduced to none of the band of young ladies, who, enveloped in silvery clouds of white gauze and muslin, sat in array against me on the opposite side of a long and large room; in fact, I was fairly isolated, and could but contemplate the shining ones from affar, and when weary of such a dazzling scene, turn for a change to the consideration of the carpet pattern.
In 1944 Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King moved for the creation of what has become Veterans Affars Canada.
(16) Ian McGibbon, 'New Zealand Defence Policy from Vietnam to the Gulf', in Bruce Brown (ed.), New Zealand in World Affars, III, 1972-90 (NZIIA, Wellington, 1999), p.124.
The Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (AFFARS) provides the following relevant definitions:
The agreements were signed, on behalf of Libya, by the secretary of the Libyan g eneral popular Committee of foreign relations and international cooperation, Abderrahmane Chalgham, while the Minister of Foreign Affars, Jorge Taiana, and that of Scientific research and technology, Baranao Lino, signed for Argentina.
Kelly, the State Department's assistant secretary of legislative affars, in a Nov.
However, both the government and the contractor must be in agreement that an REA should be filed to make the contractor "whole." As defined in AFFARS 5301.9002, Integrated Product Team (IPT) pricing is
(27.) Khaw Guat Hoon, "The International Politics of Southeast Asia: Issues in 1989", in Southeast Asian Affars 1990 (Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 1990), pp.
This program virtually involved a secularization of modalities to the effect that the domain of logical possibility, structured by logical necessities and divided into different classes of compossible states of affars, is taken as an a priori area of conceivability"; "Modality in Descartes," 2.
For example, a 1992 Department of Veterans Affars (VA) study compared the medical records of two grous of quadriplegic surrvivors over a ten-year period.
That prompted Theodore Roosevelt's 1905 declaration of the so-called corollary to the Monroe Doctrine--a warning that the United States might be compelled to intervene in the affars of Latin American states in order to remove the grounds for intervention by others.
The approval was granted by the prime minister on a summary moved by Ministry of Foreign Affars.