AFFCOAmerican Felt and Filter Company
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"Promoted as turmeric, as per AFFCO's definition, Sabinsa's C3 Complex and C3 Reduct can bring real innovation to both the animal feed and pet care marketplace," Mr.
"Hugh's been a long-term shareholder in Affco and we tried to purchase it last year but were unsuccessful--it didn't get past the shareholder vote," said Managing Director Andrew Talley.
All this was a deliberate attempt on the part of the employer, Affco New Zealand, to take away the rights of workers to belong to a union.
Is the plan to create a more balanced 21st century workplace where the relationship between employer/employee is fair to both parties, as the minister claims, or will it create an unequal environment where cases such as the Ports of Auckland or Affco are dealt with exediently without good faith negotiations for the employee?
AFFCO has also kept busy recently by promoting higher permanent charge levels on its "Flo-Clean" electret filter media (showy here) for enhanced particle removal efficiency at the lowest possible pressure loss.
She pointed out that this last year has seen four major industrial disputes: the 65-day lockout of workers at the ANZCO CMP meat works in Marton, with that employer seeking a 20 per cent cut in wages; 36 days on the Port of Auckland, where there was an attempt to sack the entire stevedoring workforce and replace it with contract labour; 86 days at the AFFCO meat works in a dispute to remove the union and reduce wages; and the valiant battle of NZNO and Service and Food Workers' Union members working for the country's largest aged-care chain, Oceania, to get a marginally decent pay increase on their appalling wages.
West of AFFCO predicted growth in chemical apparel with increased awareness of civilian emergency response teams.
"You might feel powerless but you are not hopeless." These words of support were given to some of the wh anau locked out of the AFFCO Meatworks in Wairoa last month.
Filtration products and stitchbonded fabrics for protective clothing and industrial apparel were the highlight of American Felt & Filter Company (AFFCO), Newburgh, NY.
"We've been swamped with information about MECA ballots, have had numerous updates on Oceania and what the AFFCO meat workers are up to, but there was not the same level of information about the constitutional vote."
Founded 99 years ago, American Felt & Filter Company (AFFCO), Newburgh, NY, has a long history of diverse product offerings.
She worked for the large North Island based meat processing company Affco, covering all aspects of workplace rehabilitation.